We provide bespoke Specialist Training courses for Close Protection and Surveillance Teams, High-Risk Firearms and SWAT Teams in addition to Advanced Security Driving and Specialist Medical Training Services. Unlike other companies, we do not provide ‘off the shelf’ courses. All of our courses focus on the client’s needs and operational requirements. We have designed our courses so that they are fit for purpose at government level.

Specialist Training


Our courses are not dictated by any outside influences or obligatory content by any industry authority or regulatory body. This training is a specialist niche service that allows our team to provide clients with skilled close protection and surveillance teams. We select and recruit appropriate security personnel for your needs, based on our intensive selection and training processes.


Mobius Specialist Training also delivers training to help existing CP Teams improve the provision of Close Protection they offer by reviewing and enhancing the behaviour of each team member through advanced application of methods to counter surveillance and counter attack. Utilising specialist tactics, techniques and procedure already in use with various government Special Forces and Police protection units, we will maximise the effectiveness of your team. Our instructors bring their experience of serving in these organisations to you and can deliver further training in Advanced, Protective, Evasive & Defensive Driving and the full scope of associated disciplines including the combined use of vehicles and advanced firearms.

Why choose Mobius International?

All specialist-training courses are run by elite professionals that have both the training and background to teach a variety of specialised Close Protection courses. Our former UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS & SRR), Royalty & Specialist Protection and Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police Instructor teams are available to train teams at our own facilities and throughout worldwide deployment.

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The team at Mobius International provide training courses from a single student to 30-man teams in the following:

Advanced Close Protection Training

Advanced Surveillance, Counter & Anti-Surveillance Training

Advanced Firearms & SWAT Training

Advanced Driver/ Security Driver Training

Advanced Medical Training

At Mobius International, we’ve built a career as a security specialist over the last 25 years. Since launching, our company has developed offices all over the world, covering 50 countries, including Australia, Russia, Canada and Japan. We’ve provided protection services to members of royal families, government members, the military and world leaders.

Other specialist security services our team offers include:

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