We supply counter-surveillance (surveillance detection) and counter measures for individuals and their properties. Our former Government specialist operators will use their expertise and the latest equipment to detect surveillance on yourself, a designated person or your property.

Counter-Surveillance (Surveillance Detection) & Counter-Measures

All Mobius International operators have served in at least one of the following Government agencies: MI5, MI6, SRR (UKSF, Special Reconnaissance Regiment) and SO15, (Police Counter Terrorism Command; Special Branch + Anti-Terrorist Branch), as well as foreign Special Forces and intelligence agencies.


Our trained personnel can identify hostile surveillance whether this is on foot, mobile or static. The surveillance detection and counter measures service can be used in conjunction with our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and/ or our Close Protection and Protective Surveillance teams.


Within the provision of Close Protection, Low-Profile Protection with more emphasis towards Protective Surveillance, can be employed to detect, confirm and counter any hostile surveillance operations against you/ the Principal.

More recently, this service has been used to pre-empt attacks by identifying attack recognition markers on key installations, buildings and business locations throughout the world such as banks, as well as government and non-government organisations.

Why choose Mobius International

Our company has provided surveillance detection and counter measures for many individuals and businesses throughout the world. Mobius International has become renowned for the quality of our services and we are second-to-none in the industry.


We only employ former government personnel that have worked with British or Foreign government surveillance and counter terrorism units. Our team have both the experience and equipment to identify hostile surveillance and will put in place effective counter measures that will resist such actions.   We will then, at your decision, investigate and conduct surveillance on the hostile surveillance all whilst continuing to assess, monitor and provide protection.

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Defined as the systematic observation by covert or overt means of a person or location by visual, photographic or technical means.


Defined as a system of drills used by an individual or Close Protection Team to detect, confirm and/ or evade surveillance.

Counter-Surveillance (Surveillance Detection)

Defined as the conduct of specific actions by a third-party individual or team to confirm and/ or identify the presence of surveillance on:

  • Yourself
  • Designated Individuals
  • Buildings
  • Areas
  • Assets

At Mobius International, we’ve built a career as a security specialist over the last 25 years. Since launching, our company has developed offices all over the world, covering 50 countries, including Australia, Russia, Canada and Japan. We’ve provided protection services to members of royal families, government members, the military and world leaders.

Other specialist security services our team offers include:

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