2-Week London Covert Surveillance Course (MLCS)

Course Cost £1,850 + vat

The 2-Week Mobius London Covert Surveillance course is developed and delivered by former MI5, SRR/ SAS, and Police Counter Terrorism Surveillance instructors; its aims –

“To train individuals to a standard within a comparable time frame to that which is required within counter-terrorist environments.”

The MLCS has been designed not only for newcomers to the industry but for those with experience of surveillance elsewhere and who wish to develop and improve their skills. The course is also ideal for those currently employed within Close Protection to understand the methodology, tactics, techniques and procedure used by those operating at the higher level within Covert Surveillance operations. The course is conducted over two weeks (ten full days), in central London and surrounding areas. The course encompasses every aspect of surveillance an operative needs to operate in this exciting industry; from basic foot, public transport and mobile surveillance, to imagery, report writing and the necessary legalities.

The course comprises the following Training Objectives (TO’s):

Solo Foot Surveillance Skills

Team Foot Surveillance Skills

Mobile (Vehicle Based) Surveillance

London Public Transport Surveillance

Navigation and Covert Communications

Platform Overview/ Recommendations

Anti and Counter Surveillance Input

Covert Imagery and Imagery Editing

Report Writing for Target Audiences

Surveillance Law and GDPR Compliance

Alternative Methods Input/ Trackers and Fitting

Mobius International Covert Surveillance Course

Why is this course the leading one of its kind?

The MLSC is a précis of the more in-depth 8-Week Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance (MACS) government level course. Aimed at the individual who wishes to experience a similar course standard and structure, this course provides the level of training within a tighter time frame and budget. The ten days ensures enough time is afforded to practice each skill before moving onto the next, so that each student achieves a high standard across all of the basic requirements. The location of this course could not be improved upon, with many elements taking place in Central London, presenting an incredible opportunity to learn and practice surveillance in one of the most dynamic and demanding cities in the world. This course will equip students with a comprehensive knowledge of surveillance tradecraft, whilst ensuring that knowledge is tempered with the professionalism necessary to compete in the private surveillance sector.

All of our instructors have extensive experience, both operationally, and in delivering training aimed at producing the very best Surveillance operatives. They utilise and rely upon continual assessment, to ensure that only those operators they would feel confident working alongside will pass. As such, and as within all Military/ Law Enforcement environments, these courses are pass/ fail[1] meaning only those deemed to have achieved our exacting standards will be awarded the Mobius Covert Surveillance Certification. This is a conscious and deliberate decision, designed to challenge and raise current industry standards.

Previously only available to foreign governments via bespoke design, Mobius are now excited to provide these courses to the private sector. Attendance on these courses is by way of application.[2]

The Mobius Certification

Whilst we support the process of academic qualifications within the Security & Risk Management industry, we do not however advocate the use of ‘qualifications’ for specialist practical subject matter training courses such as Close Protection or Surveillance. We do not deliver courses for tick boxes for BTECS/ NVQ’s/ IQ ‘Cert Ed’s’ etc. Instead, we deliver what is actually required on the ground. This ‘requirement’ is determined by our former MI5, SRR/ SAS and Police Counter Terrorism instructors whom have delivered this training on those courses from those units.

We do not subscribe to outside influences that are decided upon by unqualified individuals but produce courses based on actual and proper operational function requirements of the operators. The Mobius Certification Pass is the level of competence that is our check in determining the effectiveness of that individual. This course will prove your level of competence.

Covert Surveillance Operator Candidate Profile

At Mobius International we give great consideration to the kind of candidate we hope to train. Below is a list of attributes/ abilities we expect potential students to possess. This is not an exhaustive list but it is comprehensive enough for anyone considering a career in surveillance to ascertain whether or not they are suited to this type of role.

  • Observational: As well as having good eyesight/ hearing you will also need to be hyper-observant; as aware of what is going on around you as you are the target.
  • Quick Thinking: You must be able to ‘think on your feet’ and act accordingly, able to alter your plans/ actions or even conversation mid flow without arousing interest or suspicion.
  • Able to blend in: By its very definition covert surveillance relies upon an operator’s ability to fit into their surroundings and not draw attention to themselves. On any given deployment you are as likely to find yourself sitting on a park bench in Hackney as you are having afternoon tea at a high-end hotel. The ability to converse naturally, with anyone, irrespective of age, race, creed or class is a must.
  • Adaptable: You must be able to operate effectively in a range of environments. You must also be as comfortable working within a team as you are working completely alone for lengthy periods of time.
  • Patient: You must be patient, able to manage long periods of inactivity, whilst remaining alert/ ready to react to sudden changes.
  • Unremarkable: As a surveillance operator, your longevity in any environment relies upon your ability to go unnoticed. Distinguishing features such as prominent tattoos, outlandish hairstyles or modes of dress contradict this necessary quality.
  • Responsive: Just as importantly, you must be able to respond calmly to sudden or increasing levels of activity.
  • Confident: You must be confident but not over-confident, able to balance caution with calculated/ moderate risk taking.
  • Memory Recall: You must be able to commit large quantities of information to memory and able to recall that information accurately, sometimes after long periods of time have elapsed.
  • Technically Proficient: Surveillance relies upon the use of a range of technical equipment from computers to covert cameras and tracking devices, you will need to be comfortable using all.
  • Driving Ability: You must be a competent driver, able and willing to learn and adapt to new techniques. You should be comfortable driving in all conditions, day and night, and on all types of roads.
  • Navigational Ability: You should have experience of map reading.
  • Multi-Tasking: Surveillance relies upon the ability to combine a range of skills which sometimes overlap, none more so than when solo during a vehicular follow. You must be able to balance the use of technical equipment with consummate driving and navigational skills; listen/ respond to, or deliver commentary; whilst also ensuring the safety of your vehicle and other road users around you.
  • Fitness: Whilst you don’t need to be marathon ready, you will need to be comfortable walking long distances, and able to step it up should the target pick up the pace.
  • Emotional Maturity: Surveillance relies upon autonomy, self-reliance, good judgement and, in order that mistakes are learned from and performances improved, the ability to accept and deliver constructive criticism. Life experience is invaluable and the more you have the better you stand to fare in this kind of environment.
  • Interpersonal skills: Working in teams, especially when very tired, under stress or during challenging operational circumstances, requires excellent interpersonal skills, especially the ability to remain calm and act with integrity.
  • Instinctive: Surveillance is often about relying on gut feelings. To be an effective operator you will need to get a feel for what seems right and learn to trust and go with that feeling. The best, most experienced operators will tell you instinct is invaluable in this field.

Food & Accommodation

The training location is just 20 miles from the centre of London and is fully equipped with academic, performance and dining facilities. It can hold up to 300 students all year round in single, twin and triple rooms with shared bathrooms. Other courses from other (non-specialist security) organisations will be conducted concurrently and the learning environment specifically within covert surveillance is closer to that of UK government courses than any other commercial/ private sector course. Set within 90 acres of beautiful grounds, 24/7 gated vehicular access is available.

The dining hall can serve up to 120 per sitting with different dietary requirements catered for. Cooked or continental breakfast, cooked or packed lunch and cooked or packed dinner

Accommodation and food £44 + vat p/d

[1] Mobius International UK Ltd instils a transparent policy of imposing a clear Pass or Fail standard within the permitted timeframe. In the event that a student finds difficulty with a particular objective, we will continue to work with the student to achieve the required standard until the expiration of that timeframe. Failure to meet our standards within that timeframe will result in a fail.

[2] Due to the secretive nature of the course all candidates will be subjected to extensive vetting and will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to vet all applicants for our courses. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application without providing reason.