7-day Advanced Covert Surveillance Course (MACS)

Pre-course requisites: 3 years continuous employment in Covert Surveillance, RoSPA Silver

The 7-day Mobius Advanced SV course is designed to deliver a fit for purpose standard only to those operators who have been active within Covert Surveillance for a minimum of 3 years. It focuses on raising specific aspects to the highest standard possible for the operator to be effective as both an individual and as a team member under stress conditions. Our standards are such that our training has been modelled on a combination of UK Police/ SRR Special Forces/ MI5 Covert Surveillance courses, only varying where it adheres to the legal constraints of the civilian environment.

The aims of the course are:

To concentrate on covert Surveillance against a range of subjects to develop operators who are capable of working in a range of scenarios.

To train and select suitable candidates to work as Covert Surveillance operators within the top tier of the commercial sector on Mobius Surveillance operations.

The MACS prepares you to:

  • Assess surveillance operator potential with particular attention to operational threats/ target awareness
  • Correctly plan and execute a covert follow both on foot and in a vehicle
  • Perform proficiently in ALL aspects associated with the professional delivery of covert surveillance including the provision of first class imagery and reports

You will learn specific methods of operational Covert Surveillance Tactics, Techniques and Procedure used to conduct high level surveillance in a range of environments. You will understand and practice the principles of anti and counter surveillance, conferring the highest levels of operational security. You will also understand the importance of discretion, integrity and low-profile tactics/ demeanour to deliver not only the requisite operational standard, but also diplomacy skills which are all-important within the private/ corporate sector.

The MACS allows for the first time, the commercially trained SV operator to:

  • Correctly and effectively execute a surveillance operation across a range of scenarios/ environments
  • Adapt/ function and perform effectively within a team dynamic
  • Conduct proactive covert tactics during a deployment
  • React under stress as a capable individual and as part of a cohesive team during all kinds of operational scenarios

Throughout the course we will be looking for and assessing:

  • Self-discipline (control)
  • Physical & mental agility
  • Situation/ spatial awareness & self confidence
  • Intelligence, stability & maturity
  • High factor of self-motivation (commitment)
  • The ability to think as an individual and act as a team member

Students will be constantly tested throughout as to their profile, demeanour and tactical capabilities. This includes standards of covertness, reactive and pro-active behaviour, and combined target/ third party awareness to negate compromise and deliver operationally sound, first class surveillance.

We utilise and rely upon continual assessment, to ensure that only those operators we would feel confident working alongside will pass. As such, and as within all Military/ Law Enforcement environments, these courses are pass/ fail [1] meaning only those deemed to have achieved our exacting standards will be awarded the Mobius Covert Surveillance Certification. This is a conscious and deliberate decision, designed to challenge and raise current industry standards.

The course is demanding and attendees must have an excellent level of health and reasonable fitness.

Mobius Training Wing has achieved a workable, ‘fit for purpose’ standard that meets the requirement desirable within specific government surveillance units, making it exceptional within the commercial industry. Such are the standards of training that Mobius International will bracket successful candidates with our former government trained operators for future employment within a team environment dependent on the nature of the operation.

Previously only available to foreign governments via bespoke design, Mobius are now excited to provide these courses to the private sector. Attendance on these courses is by way of application.[2]

If you are interested in applying to attend the MACP then please express your interest here

[1] Mobius International UK Ltd instils a transparent policy of imposing a clear Pass or Fail standard within the permitted timeframe. In the event that a student finds difficulty with a particular objective, we will continue to work with the student to achieve the required standard until the expiration of that timeframe. Failure to meet our standards within that timeframe will result in a fail.

[2] Due to the secretive nature of the course all candidates will be subjected to extensive vetting. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to vet all applicants for our courses. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application without providing reason.