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Is your property being protected to the fullest extent? Could your existing video surveillance camera system do with an upgrade? If you answered yes, call Mobius International today as we supply the best video surveillance camera packages around. With years of experience spanning 50 countries across six continents, we are well-equipped to protect both domestic and commercial properties.

What can our video surveillance camera experts do for you?

Before supplying you with the best video surveillance camera setups, we first start with a visit to your property. This will enable our team to perform a full in-depth survey and assess the layout of your premises and identify any potential blind spots or vulnerabilities. Our full risk assessment will utilise market-leading technologies to ensure that you receive the best video surveillance camera service for your needs.

Our video surveillance camera systems utilise auto-tracking thermal/ IR technologies complete with video motion detection. This ensures that day and night, all activity in your home or commercial property can be fully tracked and logged. Best of all, for the best video surveillance camera experience, we can configure your cameras to work at set times which you specify during the initial consultation.

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    The leading choice for the best video camera surveillance services

    When it comes to ensuring the security of your premises, nothing is more effective than a state-of-the-art video surveillance camera. Here at Mobius International, our professional security advisors specialise in supplying and installing the best video camera surveillance systems around. From your private residence to your place of work, we will ensure that your premises are fully secured 24/7.

    As part of the best video camera surveillance service around, once we have assisted you in ironing out the fine details, we will supply you with a full installation service. We are experts at designing and fitting systems that blend in seamlessly with your home. Once we are finished, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your property is protected without putting up with the eyesore of exposed cameras.

    At Mobius International, as the best video camera surveillance supplier, we also provide a range of other services that can be cherry-picked as part of a bespoke security package. These services include:

    • Panic alarms
    • Thermal sensors
    • Safe (Panic) rooms
    • Motion and vibration sensors
    • Infrared (IR) radiation sensors
    • Perimeter surveillance radar (PSR)
    • Microphonic cable intrusion sensors
    • Above or beneath ground volumetric sensors

    Advantages of choosing a video surveillance camera system for your property

    If you are considering installing a security system in your home or business, you might be interested in learning more about the benefits it will entail. Read on below as we have listed the advantages of choosing the best video camera surveillance service.

    Deters thieves

    Thieves are always on the lookout for opportunities to break into any property that they feel lacks adequate protective security measures. By installing our sophisticated video surveillance camera equipment, you will have an effective deterrent that will put off would-be thieves from attempting to burglarize your home or business.

    Prevents theft

    As well as preventing the theft of equipment, the best video camera surveillance setup will also help protect your company against acts of corporate espionage. In addition to this, our camera systems will help to reduce instances of stolen supplies and equipment by your employees.

    Insurance incentives

    Just as many insurance companies require that your property be fitted with an alarm, the addition of the best video surveillance camera setup can also provide insurance incentives. Many insurance companies will provide policy holders with lower premiums and other perks as a way of encouraging the use of security cameras. If you’re looking to save money on your insurance, Mobius International is definitely the smart choice.

    Added peace of mind

    If you’re after peace of mind than our video surveillance camera services guarantee just that. Once installed, you’ll have the freedom to leave your private residence or business unattended safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered. Best of all, you can access the camera feeds remotely if an alarm is triggered you will have the ability to monitor the situation without risking your safety.

    Why choose us to supply the best video surveillance camera technology

    When it comes to choosing the finest video surveillance camera service, it pays to hire the best. Here at Moebius International, our team of expert global risk consultants are experienced in providing advice and recommendations in all areas of private and corporate security. From threat mitigation to personal surveillance and bodyguard services, we tailor what we do to keep you safe.

    Our clients choose us as they know that they will receive the best video surveillance camera systems available on the market. All systems are installed by our professional team of engineers and fully tested to ensure that they work correctly. In addition to providing security services to business owners we have also, over the years, catered to clients that include:

    • Government workers
    • Members of royalty
    • UHNW individuals
    • World leaders

    If you’re in need of a cutting-edge video surveillance camera service delivered with complete discretion by a team of professionals, look no further than Mobius International.


    For the best video surveillance camera solutions, get in contact with Mobius International today by calling +44 (0) 207 060 5595.