Welcome to the Mobius Blog

Welcome to the Mobius Blog




  •   Signatory Approval by HM Government for Prompt Payment Code Mobius are pleased to announce that we have been approved by the Prompt P

  • Due Diligence for a Security Requirement “smoke and mirrors” the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misl

  • A methodical and confident approach to choosing Close Protection services An unscrupulous company can provide an unwitting client with a so-

  • A Priority for Service or Business? For several years my life-long friend, professional businessman and now co-founder asked me to form a co

  • Which Course Should I Attend? The above ever-common question found on many a social media site. This article will seek to provide the reader

  • Security industry applicable BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) qualifications are in theory equivalent to other qualification

  • Secura Libertate Per Motum® ‘Secure Freedom of Movement’ “The Mobius Close Protection & Covert Surveillance Courses are the most compreh

  • The practical contact with and observation of facts or events Experience is often defined as – ‘The practical contact with and observa

  • Protective Security Operations Risk = Threat + Vulnerability Security as a whole is surely one of the broadest, wide-ranging of subjects, an

  • – Role: To Protect the Principal It becomes a somewhat obvious stance that the effectiveness of the provision of a security service an

  • – Role: To provide security to the residence, the people and property within. Residence Security is a huge undertaking involving consi

  • A pragmatic approach to the testing and assessment of current methodologies of protective Tactics, Techniques & Procedure (TTP) First, w