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Are you or your family in need of round-the-clock protection? If so, ensure the safety of you or your loved ones today by contacting Mobius International on +44 (0) 207 060 5595. As the best choice for bodyguard services London has to offer, we’ll keep those in our charge safe during their time in the capital. To find out more, call us now to speak to our expert consultants.

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    Feel Safe with Our Bodyguard Services in London

    No city is without its risks and with a recent, and rather alarming rise in stabbings and acid attacks, London is by no means an exception. There are, of course, ways and means to stay safe during your time in the capital and one such way is Mobius International. Providing government level protection, we provide a range of bodyguard services, London goers can depend on.Bodyguard services London

    We are widely recognised as leaders in specialist protection, and our large team of former government personal protection officers and bodyguards set a high standard for others to follow. London, bodyguard services are something that you hope you will never need but will certainly be glad you chose to have. Whether for the private or commercial sector, we provide a security provision that is second-to-none.

    The Most Trusted Bodyguard Services London Can Offer

    At Mobius International, we only hire the best and most qualified close protection officers or CPOs. All our CPOs possess previous careers having provided specialist protection for many high-profile individuals such as:

    • British Royal Family Members
    • UK Prime Ministers
    • Other Ministers
    • British Ambassadors
    • Senior Military Staff

    Over the years, Mobius International has cultivated numerous international contracts. From the facilitation of armoured vehicles to former government local and national armed attachments and deployed teams, we have assisted clients across six continents. Many of our operations have taken place in many high-risk environments. This makes us the logical choice for bodyguard services in London.


    So that we can assess your needs accurately and determine the most appropriate bodyguard services, London clients are invited to consult with us beforehand. Our personable team are passionate about what they do and will provide you with an enthusiastic service to best assess your needs.

    London, bodyguard services provided by Mobius International are entirely bespoke. To assume that everyone’s needs are the same would put lives at risk, so we always factor in every detail no matter how small it may seem. Our goal is to enhance your business and leisure activity in areas that might otherwise be restricted.

    We will devise a plan to protect you or your family or others as directed. Mobius International can provide one of three different approaches depending on your needs. These are Overt Close Protection (high and low profile), Covert Close Protection (protective surveillance) and a combination of both. We can also provide Counter Surveillance/ Surveillance Detection making us the most efficient choice for bodyguard services London has seen.

    From ultra/ high net worth individuals and celebrities to heads of state and those who have been specifically targeted, our services can adapt to a variety of clients and scenarios. We often take a holistic approach with other services provided too such as Residential, Estate and Office Security, Security Drivers and more.

    So, whether you’re visiting or live in the capital, if you require the best bodyguard services London has to offer, look no further than Mobius International.

    Why Choose Mobius International?

    If you’re in need of government level protection, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to take pre-emptive steps to ensure your safety or that of your families, or reacting to a genuine threat, we are here to help. Our close-knit team of highly proficient CPOs are on hand to provide bodyguard services in London that are incredibly effective.

    With more than 30 years’ experience operating in over 50 countries worldwide, Mobius International provides a level of expertise that is simply unrivalled. We offer clarity, transparency and professionalism to clients looking to go about their daily lives in a world that is often hostile. London bodyguard services delivered by Mobius International will be done so with the utmost integrity and dependability.


    To enlist bodyguard services London can trust and rely on, call Mobius International today on +44 (0) 207 060 5595.