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Have you been searching Google for the best close protection agencies out there? If so, you need to look no further than Mobius International for the most exceptional bespoke protection services available on the international and UK market. Our close protection agency is second-to-none for security services for a variety of purposes, needs and requirements. With over thirty years of operational experience across 50 countries, if you have concerns about your immediate safety, get in touch today on 02070 605 595.

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    Looking for the best close protection agencies in the UK?

    When looking for top of the range agencies for close protection, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better alternative to Mobius International. Whether you have been looking for close protection firms to protect you from an immediate threat, for an upcoming high-profile meeting abroad or to guarantee security for your family, we’ve got you covered.

    Out of all the close protection agency on the international and UK market, we are entirely confident that we can offer you the best security facilities for a competitive rate. It may be reassuring to know that our security units have and continue to protect the following high ranking individuals from a number of countries:

    • British, Saudi and UAE Royalty
    • Presidents
    • Prime Ministers
    • Senior Government Ministers
    • Ambassadors and Diplomats
    • A-List Celebrities
    • High Ranking Military Command Staff

    As the recognised global leaders in the provision of protective services, no matter the scale, the complexity or hazard of the job, we are able to facilitate a successful and efficient solution. We have become known internationally for providing government standard security services to the private market, so you are guaranteed to be in expert hands.

    Should you be looking for the best close protection firms outside of the UK, we have the local expertise and capabilities to do so. Unlike other UK based agencies for close protection, where we work is geographically diverse, spanning six continents and over 50 countries. As a matter of fact, to offer you further reassurance – we have officers in China, Germany, France, Russia and England, who are fluent in the native language.

    What should you expect from our close protection agency?

    Beginning with a consultation with a senior member of staff, you can expect a personable and enthusiastic approach from our company as we assess your protection needs. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll listen intently to your exacting requirements and desired objectives as to ensure that we can provide effective security solutions that might otherwise be restricted. Once establishing the severity of the adversity you may be facing or could face, we’ll confidently be able to advise you on the most viable and practical security solution in order to meet your precise needs.

    As well as being one of the best agencies for close protection globally, our reputed specialists can also provide second-to-none risk management solutions and discreet security or surveillance for special projects. In fact, we have the capability to project manage and deliver almost any security requirement, due to our wide-ranging skill-set and experience.

    From counterterrorism searches to the best super yacht security for your upcoming family holiday, our services are in no way limited to but include:Close Protection Agencies

    With such a plethora of first-class facilities here at Mobius International, it’s no wonder we are widely recognised as the number one close protection agency in the UK. To find more about us as a company, our illustrious security facilities, in addition to engaging articles on the latest news in the security sector, it would be advisable to have a look at our blog. Of course, if you have any questions or to speak directly with a member of the team right away, don’t be tentative about getting in touch.

    Why should you choose our close protection agency?

    When it comes to protecting individuals and assets globally, you’re going to want to work with the best agencies for close protection. With years of operative experience spanning six continents and over 50 countries, we are entirely confident that we are a cut above other close protection agencies in the UK and globally. Unlike other close protection agencies, nationally and internationally, Mobius International only works with former government protection contractors which enables us to bring clarity, transparency and professionalism to the marketplace.

    In case you needed another reason why you should choose our illustrious and market-leading close protection agency, it’s imperative to note that we have active agents stationed in over 50 countries worldwide, who are always ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat. In fact, we are continually on alert to expedite our specialist close protection solutions across the globe, using our extensive international expertise and local knowledge to ensure your protection, regardless of your geographical location.

    Throughout the last 30 years, we have continually strived to deliver nothing short of excellence and in doing so, have amassed a distinguished reputation as one of the world’s most decorated security specialists. As the best in the business, all of our operatives have exceptionally high levels of interpersonal and communication skills and will fit seamlessly into the background during all operations. Enjoy a life unhindered by unwanted attention with our help.


    If you have been looking for reputable close protection agencies that are highly-regarded and well-established, Mobius International is precisely the sought-after, distinguishable agency you are seeking. For unparalleled close protection facilities that are used by international royalty and government officials alike, get in contact with our specialist team of security contractors today.

    Give us a call on +44 (0) 207 060 5595 or you can register your interest via email at Alternatively, you can inquire about our first-class security services by filling out the contact form on our easily navigable website.

    Due to the extremely sensitive nature of our profession, it’s important to note that we do take a great deal of care when assessing the legitimacy of potential clients for close protection. Rest assured that the formal process of due diligence is entirely transparent and recorded.