Close Protection Agency London

Are you looking for a first-class government standard close protection agency? London is one of the many areas across the UK where our stellar team at Mobius International provide security services. We are industry leaders in specialist protection and are here to serve. If you want to begin the process of enlisting our services, call 02070 605 595.

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    Government Standard London Close Protection Agency

    If you want to enlist the services of Mobius International, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a high standard of security options. Our protection teams are made up of former government personal protection officers and bodyguards. Only the elite of the security division are recruited, so if you want a close protection agency in London, look no further.

    Our stellar team works to a government-level standard for the private sector. We have carried out security measures for corporations, as well as individuals and their families. Mobius International is a close protection agency London clients can rely on to keep them safe. We are leading the way in the commercial and private market with regards to security services.

    Each one of our close protection operators and bodyguards has been drawn either from the Royalty and Ministerial Police Protection Units, the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit or the Special Forces Personal Security. This means that if you hire our London close protection agency, your safety will be in the hands of officers who have protected the Royal Family and ministers.

    This particular close protection agency in London will discuss your needs and requirements during the consultation process. We will go on to create a bespoke security plan for you to ensure that your safety is intact for either business or leisure events. At Mobius International, we provide overt close protection, covert close protection or both overt and covert.

    Who Do We Cater To?

    As mentioned, our close protection agency, London clients, is made up of an elite team of security professionals. The expertise within our ranks is second to none, therefore high profile clients can rest assured that we are the company to look after you and your family. The types of clients that we can work for include:

    • Specifically Targeted Individuals
    • People Travelling or Working in a High-Risk Environment
    • Heads of State and Government Ministers
    • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
    • Royal Families/VIP
    • Celebrities, Business Leaders and Sports Personalities

    You may assume that our expert security is limited to London. Close protection agency services extend globally at Mobius International. Our excellent reputation and ability to manage and lead first-class protection plans has taken us all over the world. Clients have enlisted our services in over 50 countries across six continents.

    Why We Are The Best Close Protection Agency London Clients Can Hire

    If our global reputation is not enough to convince you, then let us inform you that we have close-knit ties with existing and former government contacts. These include ex-ministers in Europe, South America, Russia, Australia, Japan and Canada. If you need help from a close protection agency in London, then let us at Mobius International use our contacts to help.

    Once you have decided that we are your chosen close protection agency, London clients, we will begin the consultation process. Our team members are friendly and professional and will listen intently to your requirements. Due to the sensitivity of what we do, we assess the legitimacy of all clients and carry out due diligence before offering a security solution.

    As well as having highly skilled and experienced ex-government officers in our ranks, we also have the ability to use armoured vehicles. This comes from our international contacts, and in the past, we have acquired armed attachments to our deployed teams. You will struggle to find another elite close protection agency. London clients can benefit from our first-class security measures.


    If you are in need of an elite protection agency, London clients should look no further than Mobius International. Our personnel is made up of former government protection officers and bodyguards, so rest assured that you will receive only the best security measures. To discuss a consultation, give us a call on 02070 605 595.