Close Protection Drivers Course (MCPD)

Pre-Course Requisites: RoSPA Gold/Silver, A thorough knowledge of Roadcraft and the latest edition of the Highway Code is expected.

7 days / £1750 (+vat)

The Mobius Close Protection Drivers course provides operators with the tactical knowledge and practical skills required to avoid and evade ambush from hostile individuals and groups while driving protection vehicles that could be subject to attack.

The Mobius Close Protection Drivers ‘Tactical Driving’/ ‘Protective Mobile Skills’ course is designed to teach the methodology for the safest and securest transit passage for the Principal through thorough planning in route reconnaissance, secondary & tertiery routes, provision of ‘safe havens’ as well as the move itself in ANY environment. The course is instructed by our leading instructors.

The course will focus on vehicle security, provision of protection mobile skills during one and two-car convoy moves utilising safe and progressive driving and the full scope of convoy procedure, anti-ambush and anti-hijack drills. Training can be bespoke to cater for mission specific training for the destined theatre of operation in addition to associated training requirements on our Pre-Deployment Training courses. All operational environments catered from typical safer Western European countries to severe hostile regions involving both armoured and soft-skin vehicles the following are covered:

  • Embus/ Debus
  • Procedures for entering and exiting motorways
  • Procedures for overtaking
  • Procedures at physical features
  • Procedures at junctions
  • Additional vehicles and their responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Use, carriage and storage of weapons
  • Driver’s alertness
  • Driver & team knowledge
  • Vehicle Reaction To Attack
  • One and two car anti-ambush drills
  • Counter Attack Team (CAT) drills

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Provide highest standard of protection driving
  • Discourage an attack
  • Pre-empt an attack
  • Apply a reactive drill
  • Have room to move
  • Avoid harm, embarrassment or annoyance to the Principal(s) through poor driving

The course is physically demanding and attendees should be in good health.