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Are you looking for the best in close protection? If you’re a high profile individual and you’re in need of a close protection firm with over 30 years’ experience, call Mobius International today on (+44)0207 060 5595 for the best service close protection firms have to offer.

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    World Leading Close Protection Firm

    At Mobius International, our experienced and dependable team are ready for any challenge. Ranging from day-to-day protection or high risk environment protection, we can cover them all. We will create a bespoke protection plan that works for you. So if you’re just looking for a single operative to stay at your side for peace of mind, or a full team that cover every angle to be your impenetrable shield, Mobius International is the contractor for you.

    Over the years we have watched, listened and learned from all of our previous operations, so we have unbeatable knowledge of the world’s risks and how to counter them. As an international close protection firm, we offer our services worldwide to private, business and government clientele. We are renowned for our effectiveness and reliability in the field and offer protection for people, property, assets and information. Whether the information is a hard or soft copy, we can facilitate on the highest level.

    During our operations, we are able to liaise and coordinate with local embassies, police and presidential details to deliver the most fortified security of any close protection firms. Before the operation is in effect, we will consult with you, the client, and will provide an enthusiastic and astute approach to matching your requirements. Close protection firms can’t compete when it comes to our ethics and ability to fulfil security requests

    Our UK close protection services are perfect for A-list celebrities, foreign dignitaries and Fortune 100 individuals. Mobius International have even provided London close protection services for the Royal Family, making us highly trusted as world leading close protection firms.

    We have a reputation for being the best among close protection firms and this extends to other forms of protective, preventive and security services. We also facilitate such requests as:

    Our counter-terrorism operatives are all former Metropolitan Police search officers and Police Search Advisors. This training, as well as additional training from our own instructors, means they’re the best counter-terrorism teams within private security companies. They are able to effectively pacify threats, coordinated sterilisation is used if necessary, and provide ongoing composite security using passive assets and procedures.

    If you’ve got a particularly precious item you need securing, transporting or both, our asset protection services will ensure all avenues of potential risk are covered. Using a combination of covert and unconcealed tactics, any offenders attempting to compromise your objects will be identified and any risks neutralised swiftly.

    Why choose Mobius International for your close protection services in London?

    Firms for close protection come with specialities and specific tasks they are suited to. At Mobius International, we are uniquely exceptional in all areas and services we offer. Our exemplary track record for operations in over 50 countries across 6 continents shows we don’t take any aspect of our assignment for granted. Every element of treat detection, analysis and sublimation is accounted for and our close protection firm have over 30 very successful years in doing so.

    Our team consists of highly skilled individuals, many of which are qualified instructors who deliver the best training programmes supplied by any close protection companies. These include Advanced Close Protection, Advanced Surveillance, Firearms training, Driving and more at our training wing.

    Types of personnel security that are available include:

    All of the teams and operatives we use are fully trained will all necessary licences and certification for the operations they are assigned to. Our close protection firm has worked with several government departments, as well as industry leaders, UHNWIs (Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals) and their families. Our portfolio of successful operations as private security contractors also extends to the British and Saudi Royal Families. We are proud to bring the best in government grade protection to the private market.

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    If you’re in need of close protection firms that can provide unmatched security, there’s only one choice. Mobius International have a sterling reputation for superior compound and singular security solutions. No matter what you’re trying to protect, Mobius International is the close protection firm to call. Don’t risk it, call today on (+44)0207 060 5595 or email