Close Protection Security

Mobius International is a leading company that offers close protection security services to different government bodies as well as members of the private sector and high-value targets. Each and every member of our team has been chosen for their expertise and experience regarding security measures, meaning that when you enlist our services you can be absolutely sure that you are in safe hands for pure peace of mind.

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    Get the Most from Close Protection Security

    Anyone who requires professional security for either professional or personal reasons can be sure that they will be fully taken care of when they enlist the services of Mobius International. We offer a personal consultation to determine the close protection security needs of our clients and work with them to make sure that they are safe and secure in every situation that they come across in their day to day lives.

    Reasons for choosing Mobius International for your security needs include:

    • More than 25 years of experience in fifty different countries
    • Large team of highly trained professionals
    • Very dependable and reliable service
    • Security solutions tailored to individual clients
    • Fully equipped protection teams available
    • Extensive list of high profile clients

    Close Protection Security for Events

    If you are attending a high profile event, there is a good chance that you will need a little extra security to make sure that everything goes without a hitch. The team at Mobius International are experts at providing close protection services for all types of events, from open air sports events to conferences. A member of the team will visit the event location in advance to determine the potential security risks of the location and provide an assessment.

    We will then provide security solutions based on the unique requirements of our client, from providing extra close protection bodyguards to security drivers to make sure our client reaches the event safely as well as in comfort and style.

    Close Protection Security for Residents

    Anyone who has a family is sure to understand the importance of making sure that their nearest and dearest are fully protected at all times. The first step is to undertake comprehensive threat assessment and provide expert recommendations. We then employ the most cutting edge and innovative technology to help ensure that residential properties are fully secure.

    We also employ former UK Police Diplomatic Protection Group members as security guards to help watch over properties until the threat has been fully resolved and is no longer an issue so that you and your family can get a good night’s sleep.

    Enjoy the Advantages of Asset Protection

    Many people these days are aware of the threat of burglary during the transportation of large amounts of cash or valuables. The team at Mobius International are very experienced when it comes to assess protection and determining the risks to both private and corporate assets.

    Our team of security drivers and body guards can also be utilised when assets are transported for any reason such as moving home or changing offices and can be depended on to keep a close eye on assets until they reach their new location. We also provide expert guidance and advice to help make sure that the assets of our clients remain secure at all times.

    About Us and Close Protection Security

    Mobius International is a highly professional and independent global risk management company providing special services that are specially designed and offered to clients who require first rate security for any reason.

    The company was established 25 years ago and while our headquarters are in the United Kingdom, we have done high profile security work in more than fifty different clients. This makes us well versed in a wide range of different types of security issues and we are trusted by numerous governments and other agencies.

    While we specialise in close protection security for high profile clients such as members of the government, we also offer individual security that all types of clients can depend on. Much of our team consists of former government close protection operators, so you can be confident that we have you covered.

    To see just how serious we are about providing exceptional close protection services, why not check out ‘Close Protection Companies: A Priority for Service or Business?’ written by Director of Operations and Training, Richard Aitch.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions or queries regarding close protection security, you can contact a member of the Mobius International team directly on +44 (0) 207 060 5595. Alternatively, you can send an email to and we will get back to you without delay.