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Are you searching for excellent close protection services? Look no further than Mobius International today for a service that will ensure you are safe at all times. We have over 25 years of experience in the close protection industry and have continuously set the standard for other companies. Our use of former military and government personnel sets us apart from the competition.

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    The best close protection service

    Close protection is a vital necessity for individuals or groups that are considered at risk. At Mobius International, we specialise in the provision of close protection for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Our close protection services are renowned for their quality due to our policy of hiring ex-government staff who provide government standards which is rarely seen in the private market.

    The excellence we have tirelessly worked for has been rewarded in the recognition that our company are global leaders in the close protection service field. The team at Mobius International have worked with clients such as:

    • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
    • Embassies
    • Police
    • Presidential CP Teams

    Before we supply our close protection services to you, we will have a detailed consultation process with our enthusiastic team. We will ascertain your security needs before we create an assessment in which a security plan will be included. You can expect that we will listen in attentively and supply you with solutions that do not prohibit business or leisure activities. We are very passionate about our close protection service and work hard to ensure that your life isn’t hindered.

    Previous close protection services clients

    At Mobius International, we have provided an excellent close protection service to clients from every background that need some form of protection. The high quality of our work has seen our company quickly expand along with our client base who include the following individuals and groups:

    • A-List Celebrities
    • Ambassadors/ Diplomats
    • British, Saudi & UAE Royalty
    • Fortune 100 Individuals
    • Government Ministers
    • Persons who have experienced a threat
    • Presidents & Prime Ministers
    • Senior Military Command Staff
    • UHNWI

    As a result, you can see that we have the skills and staff to supply protection to all individuals throughout the world.

    Reasons to choose Mobius International

    With many close protection services, a lot of personnel hired for the job are not former government close protection personnel and as a result, do not have any experience of the high standards involved. On the other hand, at Mobius International we only employ ex-government personnel due to their level of training. These individuals have the required experience, and skills needed to tackle any issue that may happen in a close protection scenario.

    Our close personal services officers and bodyguards will possess intelligence, knowledge and will be aware and understanding in different cultures. You can expect that our personnel will always be discreet and maintain your privacy at all times. We also select individuals due to their high level of interpersonal skills which make them ideal companions.

    Mobius International has worked across 6 continents in 50 different countries thanks to our close protection service. As you may be aware that our staff are highly regarded within the protection field, however, we have the skills and contact to recruit/train recruits from all manner of backgrounds such as:

    • Russian
    • British
    • French
    • Chinese
    • German and more

    More about us

    With 25 years of experience in the close protection services industry, we are well-known for the quality of our services. If you need quality security and want to focus on other matters then Mobius International is the company to choose today.

    We have the following accreditations:

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