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Do you require the assistance of an experienced and highly regarded close protection specialist? If so, you need to look no further as Mobius International is one of the best close protection companies on the international market with over thirty years of operational experience providing bespoke, first-class protection services. With close protection agents in over 50 countries and across six continents, we can expedite solutions both in the UK and abroad, so you can have total peace of mind whatever the situation. Contact us now should you have any concerns about your immediate safety.

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    The premium close protection specialist

    When searching for the most exceptional close protection experts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more notable, acclaimed and well-established alternative to Mobius International. Boasting more than thirty years of operational experience spanning the length and breadth of six continents and over fifty countries, our expertise, know-how and security capabilities are second-to-none both nationally and across international borders. To enjoy a life unhindered by unwanted attention, we’re the superior, obvious and only choice for an expert-quality and well-experienced security contractor.

    Whether you have been looking for a close protection company to protect you from a certain and immediate threat, an upcoming summit, a high-profile meeting or a family outing, we’ve got you covered. To offer you some assurance, it may be comforting to know that our security teams have and continue to protect the following high-ranking individuals from a number of countries including:

    • British, Saudi and UAE Royalty
    • Presidents
    • Prime Ministers
    • Senior Government Ministers
    • Ambassadors and Diplomats
    • A-List Celebrities
    • High ranking military command staff

    To find out more information, please continue reading. Should you have any unanswered questions, queries or reservations about our close protection service, then please do not be tentative about giving us a call now on 0207 060 5595. We’d be delighted to share our all-encompassing knowledge of the trade with you in addition to helping you find the most suitable security solution for your desired objectives and needs.

    What should you expect from our close protection specialists?

    Here at Mobius International, you can expect a courteous, professional and personable service that guarantees your safety and security which in turn offers you complete peace of mind. Beginning with a consultation with a senior member of the team, we’ll leave no stone unturned as we assess your protection needs. You can be certain that we’ll listen intently to your exacting requirements and desired objectives.

    Once we’ve established the severity of the security issue that you are or could be facing, we’ll be able to confidently advise you on the most suitable provisions for you and your family. As the best in the business, you can be confident that all of our operatives have extraordinarily high levels of interpersonal and communication skills. Dependant on your preferences, we can seamlessly fit into the background and be unobtrusive during all operations. As a company, we pride ourselves on the calibre of our team – built up of former Special Force Agents, MI5 Intelligence Officers, and Royal Military Police. Their capability to work to a benchmark of the uppermost professional and ethical standards is another demonstration of precisely why we’re one of the best security provisions offered worldwide.

    Out of all of the close protection companies on the UK market, why is Mobius International the superior and obvious choice?

    In the face of real adversity with genuine threats to safety present, you’re going to want to hire the best close protection on the national and international market. With more than thirty years of operational experience spanning across six continents and over 50 countries worldwide, we guarantee you that our expertise, skill-set and security capabilities cannot be beaten or matched. Since founding our business well over 25 years ago, we have amassed a stellar reputation for excellence that precedes us throughout the country and even across international waters.

    Unlike other close protection companies, here at Mobius International we only work with former government protection officers which enables us to bring clarity, transparency and professionalism to the global stage. You can have total peace of mind when working with our illustrious team as all of our operators have been trusted by royalty and government individuals alike in the most challenging of situations. It’s clear to see that it certainly pays to entrust the industry’s elite close protection.

    In case you needed another reason to choose our well-established company; as well as being the premium close protection agents on the market, we also boast a plethora of additional security services which cater to almost any security requirement. Due to our wealth of experience and comprehensive skill-set, our reputed close protection can provide second-to-none risk management solutions and the best super yacht security for your upcoming family holiday. Our services are by no means limited to but include:

    It’s no wonder that we’re widely recognised across national and international borders as the most superior close protection in the UK with such an abundance of top-class security provisions. If you still need convincing that Mobius International is a cut above the rest, we recommend that you have a browse through our regularly updated blog to get a complete overview plus additional insight of our broad capabilities.

    You’ll find a surplus of engaging and relevant articles on our blog which could be of use, so it is definitely advisable to have a read through. From mitigating the honey trap threat to information on why a specialist security professional is required in certain situations, our blog is where we cut through the smoke and mirrors of the security industry.

    Get in contact with the best close protection specialist

    If you have been looking for reputable and widely acclaimed close protection companies that are well-experienced in the field of close protection, Mobius International is precisely the company to contact today. Our distinguished facilities which are frequently used by royalty and Hollywood A-listers alike are far superior to those provided by other close protection specialists on the national and international market. To inquire about our second-to-none security services, give us a call on 0207 060 5595 or alternatively, you can register your interest via email at