What Makes Us The Leading Close Protection Agency In London?

Amongst the plethora of close protection agencies London has to offer, Mobius International is by far the superior choice for bespoke security services for the private sector, royalty, high-profile clients, and government employees. With management possessing thirty years of operational experience in over 60 countries worldwide, we are the experts in the provision of professional protection services for global clientele from all walks of life.

If you require our close protection service, contact us today on 0207 060 5595 to gain a deeper understanding of our extensive services and to find out what sets us apart from our competitors in achieving an exemplary service.

Mobius International UK The superior choice for close protection services in the UK

Whether you are responding to a direct threat made against your safety, attending a high-profile summit, or are just going on holiday with your family, our close protection VIP security specialists can help keep you safe.

We employ a select and intimate number of security professionals from all over the world, whose multifaceted skills and wealth of experience can offer you and your family total peace of mind.

As a company, we are entirely confident that, with our expertise and our combined wealth of industry experience spanning half a century, we can guarantee to provide and supply our international clients with the full protection and reassurance they desire.

What sets us apart from the other VIP close protection companies is our unwavering commitment to providing our extensive list of clientele with security solutions that guarantee a complete assurance of safety for the individual and their family.

When you put your safety in the hands of the best close protection service, you will never have to put your life on hold again in the face of adversity. By choosing Mobius International, we can help you to enjoy an unhindered life in the face of unwanted attention.

If you are in the market for close protection bodyguards, or specifically our close protection London services, you have come to the right place, because Mobius International UK. is quite simply the best close protection UK company.

If you are at all hesitant about choosing Mobius International to protect you and your family, we thought it would good to give you the peace of mind of knowing that our international close protection security teams have protected the following individuals:

  • British, Saudi, and UAE Royalty
  • Presidents
  • Prime ministers
  • Senior government ministers
  • Ambassadors/diplomats
  • A-List celebrities
  • High ranking military command staff

Here at Mobius International, we only supply former government personal protection officers and close protection bodyguards so you can be entirely confident knowing that you are being protected by the industry’s elite. Where we work spans six continents and over 60 countries with officers recruited and trained from China, Germany, France, Russia, and England to meet the needs of our private clients.

What to expect from our distinguished close protection services?

Upon receiving your enquiry about our professional protection solutions, one of our team members will endeavour to get in contact with you as soon as possible and invite you in for a consultation with our senior advisors.

During the consultation process, we will assess you and your family’s protection needs and listen attentively to your exacting requirements, leaving no stone unturned. From here, we can confidently advise you on a practical security solution that will significantly enhance your quality of life.

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    What makes Mobius International the number one choice for close protection services in the UK?

    Since launching our company, we have worked tirelessly to build up a name as a reputable, professional close protection agency in London and around the world. Spanning six continents and over 60 countries, Mobius International has gained a distinguished reputation as one of the most experienced protective security specialists. Our policy of only employed ex-government personnel ensures your security team is equipped with the most comprehensive and up-to-date techniques for protecting you and those close to you.

    By choosing Mobius International, you can have complete confidence in your safety and that of your family and loved ones. Having worked with members of royal families, senior dignitaries, government officials, and high-ranking military personnel, you will be in expert hands here at Mobius International. Our operatives are the best in the business and have a high level of interpersonal communication skills and will appear to blend right into the background during all operations.

    Additionally, here at Mobius International UK, we are not simply one of the leading close protection specialists. We also provide a range of additional protection services all over the globe. From protective surveillance to superyacht security and asset protection, we have a full list of comprehensive services to suit all needs, requirements, and budgets.

    Other specialist security services our team provides include:


    If you are unsure about selecting our highly sought-after UK close protection service, then we recommend you have a look through our blog on our easily navigable website. Here, you will find all the latest information about us as a company, as well as engaging articles on the security sector.

    Contact Us

    If you are living a restricted and hindered life, it’s time to experience complete freedom once more with help from our distinguished and reputable close protection teams based in the UK or abroad. Contact us today by calling 0207 060 5595 and speak to one of our helpful advisors who will recommend the service best suited to your needs. For all general enquiries, please do not hesitate to email operations@mobius.international.

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    What is close protection security?

    Providers of close protection security in greater London offer professional bodyguard services specialising in keeping people safe from physical harm, unwanted attention, and other threats to their safety and privacy.

    Many high-profile individuals and celebrities hire close protection London-based specialists, but only Mobius insists on employing former government-trained and experienced personnel, offering the highest levels of security to our clients.

    What does close protection involve?

    A VIP close protection London officer specialises in providing security services, whether alone or as part of a team, to ensure that clients are safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They deal primarily with security assessment measures and the provision of discreet surveillance. Their work involves protecting their clients from threats of physical harm, violence, or assault.

    Can close protection operatives carry guns in the UK?

    No. Private operatives who conduct VIP close protection in the UK are not and cannot be armed with guns or any other weapons such as pepper spray, mace, batons, or Tasers. Possession of weapons or firearms even for protection purposes is against the law for civilians. Look instead for a company whose staff are rigorously trained and highly experienced.

    Who needs executive protection?

    While safety and security are among every person’s basic needs, some people require specialised executive protection agencies in London. These individuals include industry leaders with access to trade secrets and people who hold governmental influence. The position they hold and information they carry can place them at risk of attacks against the group they work for or represent.

    When should I hire a bodyguard?

    Many people can benefit from a personal bodyguard, and such services aren’t solely restricted to high-profile clients. Divorcees and domestic dispute victims may decide to hire close protection consultants if they feel under threat. A skilled bodyguard can give these clients peace of mind as they live their daily lives. Opt for highly-trained specialists like Mobius International UK.

    Defining The Role of Close Protection Officers

    Professional bodyguards from bodyguard firms in London can be as visible or as private as required, depending on the client’s requirements. They offer standard services to clients, including:

    • Ensuring their client is free from physical harm, injury, or violence.
    • Safeguarding their client’s privacy.
    • Anticipating threats and risks surrounding their client.
    • Ensuring clients travel safely from A to B.
    • Ensuring that the client is taken to safety in the event of an attack or an accident.

    However, not all close protection companies can perform these services at the same level as Mobius International. This is because we only hire the most experienced guards who perform far and beyond the standards set by the security industry.

    Top Tips For Hiring A Bodyguard

    People at risk need to find the right protection to ensure all their safety and security needs are met at all times. Tips to consider when hiring close protection firms in the UK include:

    1. Look for highly-rated agencies with stellar reviews from past clients. Also, check for any negative reviews about your prospective agencies and raise these when discussing your requirements.
    2. Feel free to raise any questions or concerns you may have during your initial consultation.
    3. Only choose highly trained security guards in London with extensive experience in protecting VIPs. At Mobius, all our security staff are ex-government personnel with decades of relevant experience and training.

    Top Qualities To Look Out For When Hiring Bodyguards

    A bodyguard should be an individual who you can completely entrust your life to. You therefore need to ensure that they deserve your complete trust. Here are some essential qualities to look for when hiring a bodyguard through personal security agencies in London:

    why hire close protection agencies in London
    • They must have substantial experience in the field.
    • They must have professional training.
    • They must be an excellent judge of character and situations.
    • They must have expert driving skills.
    • They must be physically fit.
    • They must have excellent communication skills.

    Hiring a professional bodyguard shouldn’t be any trickier than finding the ideal suit to wear to an event. The key is to look for them in the right places. While some agencies settle for the minimum of training legally required, others like Mobius International extensively vet their staff for high levels of experience and professionalism.

    Mobius International is pleased to offer our professional protection services in London to all clients who need it, not just in the UK but worldwide. Our extremely rigorous recruitment processes ensure that your close protection team is of the very highest calibre with the experience necessary to guarantee your safety and security. Get in touch to learn more.



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