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Are you looking to safeguard your commercial premises? If so, get in touch with the experts at Mobius International and discover our cutting-edge commercial security systems services. From low to high-risk buildings, we aim to supply smart, reliable, and affordable setups to clients of all sizes. For the best commercial security systems service, get in touch with us now.

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    The Best Choice For Surveillance Equipment

    Owning a commercial property will usually represent a sizeable investment – one certainly worth protecting. At Mobius International, we supply a security systems commercial service that will secure your premises against any intrusion. Our systems will help prevent acts of corporate espionage while protecting your employees, equipment, and the building itself.

    How can Mobius International help?

    Upon hiring our commercial security systems service, you will have full access to our complete range of security setups. To ensure full coverage and maximum protection, we always start with a threat assessment of your property to expose any vulnerabilities. Our specialists will supply you with honest advice and recommend either a physical or electrical system that is appropriate to your requirements.

    As part of our commercial security systems services, we can complete threat assessments for all commercial properties including:

    • Offices
    • Museums
    • UHNWI’s
    • Hospitals
    • Government buildings
    • Retail centres

    From start to finish, we will plan every aspect of your project to ensure the most efficient security systems commercial service that will minimise any disruption. At Mobius International, we work alongside some of the best interior designers and architects in the industry. Our commercial security systems service will install a setup that integrates with your property seamlessly.

    Our commercial security systems service will afford you with the most choice. We supply both covert and overt systems that are state-of-the-art. Plus, our fixed and remote intrusion detection systems are available in silent, visual, and audible variants, and will ensure round-the-clock protection. Read on below to discover more features that can be provided as part of our commercial security systems service:

    • Geo-Fencing
    • RFID Tagging
    • RF/ GPRS/ GSM detection
    • Signalling and tracking solutions
    • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Window, internal and external door vibration sensors
    • Multi-ply glass containment window film and anchoring
    • Perimeter fence line volumetric, cut, climb and beneath ground sensors

    What are the benefits of commercial security systems services?

    It can be tricky for any business owner to juggle their company’s daily operations. With so much else to be concerned with, security systems are often seen as a wise investment as they fully automate the protection of your property. If you are unsure as to whether or not our commercial security systems services are right for you, consider for a moment the benefits we have listed below:

    Round-the-clock peace of mind

    With our security systems commercial service, you will be freed from the burden of worrying about the safety of your property and employees. These systems can be networked with those operated by companies such as control experts, CCTV experts, locksmiths, and more to provide fully comprehensive support 24/7. Any issues that arise can be dealt with without causing you any disruption.

    Protect against unauthorised access

    It goes without saying that your business will likely, on occasion, attract the wrong sort of people. From thieves and vandals to those looking to acquire sensitive information, a reliable alarm and CCTV setup will help to deter these intruders. At the same time, an intercom and high-security access system will ensure that only authorised personnel can enter your premises.

    Lower costs on commercial insurance

    When you apply for commercial insurance, the provider will usually assess any risks involved and calculate your premiums accordingly. This can, at times, result in you paying more. With our commercial security systems service, you’ll be reducing that risk and, in turn, the amount you pay for your insurance.

    Reduces theft in the workplace

    As well as protecting against external theft, our security systems commercial service can also protect against internal theft as well. This could be employees stealing from other employees or their employers, or customers stealing from your business. Where alarm and CCTV systems are present, the likelihood of internal theft occurring reduces dramatically.

    Lowers the number of claims which are fraudulent

    One advantage for utilising commercial security systems services that is often overlooked is that it protects you from any fraudulent claims. A fraudulent claim typically involves either an employee or customer claiming that they have suffered an injury for which your business is responsible for. The injury may not have occurred or may have happened differently to how the claimant has stated, and you may find that your company is, in fact, not at fault.

    A security system supplied by us will not only deter fraudulent claims but also make it easier to prove when such a claim has been made.

    Why choose our commercial security systems services?

    From close protection and surveillance to security audits and more, Mobius International are a company committed to keeping you, those around you, and your assets safe. With more than 25 years’ of experience spanning 50 countries across the globe we have developed our security systems commercial service to be the best in the industry.

    Our highly trained team is comprised of former government, intelligence and military specialists who have been vetted to the highest level. Encompassing a broad range of skill sets, we can provide professional commercial security systems services designed to mitigate and counter any threats. Our vision is to work in partnership with the government, royalty, businesses and private entities worldwide. For more information about our exceptional services, do not hesitate to speak to our helpful advisors.


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