Counter surveillance detection

Your safety and asset security are of paramount importance. If you suspect in any way that either of these are being compromised, you can trust Mobius International for the very best counter surveillance detection services. All of our operators have served in a governmental agency, are equipped with unmatched skills and are trusted by world leaders, royalty and governments all over the world. Give one of our specialists a call today on 0207 060 5595 to discuss your bespoke needs.

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    The number one option for your security

    With a wealth of experience spanning 25 years, the team at Mobius International is highly skilled in detecting whether you or your organisation may be being targeted and therefore vulnerable to a physical or technical attack. To eliminate any risk, we provide unparalleled counter surveillance detection so you can rest assured that you can carry out your daily business without anyone breaching your privacy.

    Here at Mobius International, we take your security very seriously. For this reason we only employ operators who have worked in at least one Government agency in Britain or around the world such as MI5, MI6, Police Counter Terrorism Command, foreign Special Forces and intelligence agencies. It is through our rigorous recruitment process that we can guarantee you the finest counter surveillance detection and protection services for your business and or family.

    Our services

    Our teams are specially trained in quickly and efficiently identifying and confirming whether there is any surveillance on:

    • Yourself and your family
    • Particular individuals
    • Buildings
    • Areas
    • Assets

    Using advanced technologies, our trained operators will pinpoint hostile surveillance whether this is on foot, mobile or static. What’s more, our skilled personnel are equipped with the latest resources to install counter measures that will prevent an intrusion of your privacy. Should we identify any third-party surveillance, with your approval our teams will then investigate using further counter surveillance detection techniques.

    Mobius International is a name you can trust when it comes to the most stringent counter surveillance detection services. Whether you are away on business, hosting an event or want peace of mind that your family is safe during their travels, you can rely on our trained operators to continuously assess, monitor and provide high-level protection.

    Combining additional services

    Our employees are highly proficient in installing technical surveillance counter measures which work in partnership with our counter surveillance detection services. For example, we are one of only 3 companies within the UK who is capable of deploying ‘Searchlight’ – the latest UMTS and GSM bug detector. This is an innovative and cost-effective means of pinpointing the most rapidly emerging eavesdropping devices and is no longer available outside government agencies. You can therefore rest assured that your privacy is in safe hands with Mobius International.

    What’s more, our close protection and protective surveillance teams also work hand in hand with our counter surveillance detection services to provide you with optimum security.


    Reasons to trust Mobius International

    For more than 25 years we have been serving members of royal families, the government, military and world leaders with our exceptional security services. Your safety and security is our primary focus and we are extremely proud of our results-driven surveillance and counter surveillance detection services.

    Each assignment is taken very seriously by our trained operators and they complete each project with an unprecedented level of commitment equal to that of Government standard. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of security and identifying and mitigating risks, so that members of the private sector can travel, carry out business affairs, host events and fulfil all duties with confidence that their safety, and that of their assets is never compromised.

    In addition to our unrivalled counter surveillance detection services, we also provide bespoke security solutions consisting of the following:

    Finally, we are proud to extend our counter surveillance detection expertise to more than 50 countries and 6 continents, worldwide including Australia, Russia, Canada and Japan. So if you are looking for the most comprehensive means of security for yourself, your family or employees, you can trust Mobius International.

    Contact us

    If you are in need of effective and discreet counter surveillance detection services, contact Mobius International. Call 0207 060 5595 or email to discuss your bespoke requirements today.