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Mobius Advanced Close Protection Course (MACP)


Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance Course (MACS)

β€œThe Mobius Close Protection & Covert Surveillance Courses are arguably the most comprehensive, advanced, and demanding courses of their kind anywhere in the private security sector – anywhere in the world.”

Due to an acknowledged shortage of competent Close Protection & Covert Surveillance Operators in the private sector, and acutely aware of the escalating threat to security that the modern world presents, Mobius International set about designing a series of courses which aim to produce capable, confident Protection and Surveillance operators who stand out from the crowd. Developed and delivered by former Police/ Security Service/ UKSF Protection and Surveillance instructors, these are the only courses within the private sector, which aim to train individuals to a standard comparable to that which is required within counter-terrorist environments. All of our instructors have extensive experience, both operationally, and in delivering training aimed at producing the very best Protection and Surveillance operatives.

On these intensive 8-week courses students will be tested to their limits. The emphasis is very much on developing the individual to be the best stand-alone operator, when faced with every conceivable challenge that can present during a live operation. The courses are structured in such a way that the skills developed in phase one will be continually enhanced upon and added to. Throughout the duration of each course, the learning curve is steep, with each new phase building on the one previous. As such expectations and difficulty increases at every new phase.

Mobius International are committed to producing the best Close Protection and Covert Surveillance Operators in the private sector by delivering training which relies upon a unique combination of Police/ Security Service/ UKSF protocols. Consequently we provide the most comprehensive, advanced, and demanding courses anywhere in the private security sector – anywhere in the world. We utilise and rely upon continual assessment, to ensure that only those operators we would feel confident working alongside will pass. As such, and as within all Military/ Law Enforcement environments, these courses are pass/ fail[1] meaning only those deemed to have achieved our exacting standards will be awarded the Mobius Close Protection or Covert Surveillance Certification. This is a conscious and deliberate decision, designed to challenge and raise current industry standards.

Previously only available to foreign governments via bespoke design, Mobius are now excited to provide these courses to the private sector. Attendance on these courses is by way of application.[2]

[1] Mobius International UK Ltd instils a transparent policy of imposing a clear Pass or Fail standard within the permitted timeframe. In the event that a student finds difficulty with a particular objective, we will continue to work with the student to achieve the required standard until the expiration of that timeframe. Failure to meet our standards within that timeframe will result in a fail.

[2] Due to the secretive nature of the course all candidates will be subjected to extensive vetting. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to vet all applicants for our courses. Mobius International UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application without providing reason.