Defensive Tactics for Unarmed & Armed Close Protection

The Defensive Tactics for Close Protection training is designed to take the core skills of Self Defence and adapt them to the needs of protecting others in a situation including prevention methods, intervention tactics and evacuation drills.

Defensive Tactics for Unarmed Close Protection

1 day / £200 (+vat)


  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Self Defence & The Law
  • Communication in Conflict & De-escalation
  • Prevention, Intervention & Evacuation
  • Third Party Awareness vs Third Party Protection

Practical (Self Defence)

  • Balance & Movement (anti-grab and ground avoidance)
  • Defensive Striking
  • Defensive Blocking
  • Releasing Common Holds & Grabs
  • Self Defence on the Ground
  • Releasing Common Holds & Grabs
  • Edged Weapon Awareness and Defence
  • Defense against a threat from a Firearm (short & long)
  • Alternative Attacks (Acid, Objects etc)

Practical (Third Party Adaptation)

(IBG & 2/3 Man Teams)

  • Moving the Principal (Discreet or Immediate Evacuation)
  • Controlling the Centre
  • Dealing with escalating situations (Early intervention techniques)
  • Distraction & Dysfunction Striking
  • Defending strikes against a third party
  • Releasing common holds and grabs against a third party
  • Teams Only – Safe Restraint Principals (Low level escorting to prone restraint to await law enforcement)

Defensive Tactics for Armed Close Protection

The following courses remain at an advanced level of which the course content is strictly for those attending. All course attendees must first attend the Unarmed DT Course prior to attending the advanced courses.

Defensive Tactics for the Overt Armed Close Protection Team or Operator including weapon retention skills and using the weapon as a defensive tool.
2 days / £400 (+vat)

Defensive Tactics for the Covert Armed Close Protection Team or Operator including weapon retention skills and using the weapon as a defensive tool.
2 days / £400 (+vat)



J served with the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit providing protection to the British Ambassador to Algeria on behalf of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and was Personal Bodyguard to the military Chief Of Staff in Northern Ireland. He then worked in the private sector with Richard Aitch for 7 years as a team member for one of the Forbes listed top 10.

He is an International Defensive Tactics Instructor primarily teaching the Israeli System of Krav Maga under Krav Maga Global (KMG), graded at Expert Level. Delivering Krav Maga training around the world primarily focused on Instructor Certification Programmes, Further Education and Training for Specialist Teams.

J is owner of a UK based network of Krav Maga Clubs, with over 600 active members and is UK Director of Training for Krav Maga Global. He lived in Israel for 6-months for personal tutelage and study with the head of KMG, Eyal Yanilov, the highest graded Instructor in the world today and closest assistant to the late founder of Krav Maga.

Specialising in teaching Krav Maga for Third Party Protection from unarmed CP operations for Individual Bodyguard (IBG) and Close Protection Team, (CPT) based, to covert carriage and overt carriage in high-risk environments.

He is one of only 3 qualified Instructors in the world licenced to teach the Conflict Communication programme developed by world renown conflict expert from the USA Rory Miller, the author of multiple books on real world conflict and violence.

J has delivered Instructor Development Programmes for the Metropolitan Police, invited as the guest Instructor at the National Police Officer Safety Conference and designed and delivered Personal Safety & Defensive Tactics Programmes to UK Governmental Departments and G4S in addition to having designed and delivered Safe Restraint Training to numerous Security Teams throughout London operating at high-profile sites throughout the capital.

In total, J has over 25 Years of Martial Arts, Self Defence, Conflict Management & Defensive Tactics Experience in various disciplines, with current study in Gracie Ju Jitsu under the Royce Gracie Network.