Event security

Are you in need of event security for a party or special occasion? If so then Mobius International can provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for you. Our global risk management company provides bespoke risk and threat mitigation services for those who require it. Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry and can provide you with the right level of event security you need.

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    Our event security services

    Whether you are hosting a corporate or private function, Mobius International can provide the protection you need. All of our security solutions are tailored to your needs, and from start-to-finish we will work with you and the organisers of the event to ensure the highest level of event security at your location.

    Our event security staff can work on any size event in any location, from a small private function to a huge party on a superyacht. Each member of our event security team has extensive experience in working for a number of different events worldwide. We have provided event security services for events such as:

    • Boat shows
    • Horse racing
    • Exhibitions
    • Formula 1
    • VIP Travel

    Mobius International’s main priority is to make sure you and your guests are safe at all times, and of course that you enjoy the party. The event security team will ensure the confidentiality of your guests and all attendees at the function so that you can have confidence the event will run smoothly right from the start.

    Event security medical services

    As well as event security such as door men and bodyguards, we have a team of medical staff that are on hand to help should any of your guests need medical attention. Depending on the scale of the event we can provide extra event security that include:

    • First aiders
    • Ambulance technicians
    • Registered paramedics
    • Nurses and doctors

    All of our event security staff are fully qualified and have extensive experience in supporting a wide array of events such as music festivals, nightclub environments and hostile environments such as protests or marches.

    With our comprehensive range of options, this allows us to create a truly bespoke event security team that suits your needs. Mobius International endeavour to cover all potential risks during your event so that you have peace of mind and can enjoy the function without worry.

    The event security team will sit down with you to discuss any major concerns you have regarding the upcoming event, and we will draw up a plan so that you can see how we plan to handle any particular issues that may arise. No event is too big or too small and we always take your concerns extremely seriously. Our main priority is your safety and the event security team will do everything in their power to make sure this is not compromised. We also have a range of vehicles including ambulances, motorbikes and rapid response vehicles on hand to transport you or anyone else away from the site should an emergency situation ensue.

    Other services

    At Mobius International the list of event security options we have available is endless. Our expert team for event security have worked with a number of different people including members of the royal family, government members, military and world leaders. This has given us great experience in different levels of event security and many other types of personal protection.

    Our event security team includes highly trained security drivers who specialise in police class 1 driver and anti-hijack techniques. Our event security drivers will make sure you are transported to and from your function safely and securely.

    All of our event security drivers have been carefully picked to work for Mobius International. Each of our staff members have a background in the Police, Military or similar industry. Our close protection operatives also have an extensive background in these industries so you can rest assured you always have the best level of event security around.

    If you would like close protection for yourself or your family, then our event security team has a number of qualified bodyguards who can provide private protection. We will consult with you to understand how and why you would like our services and always create a personal connection with our clients in order for us to help you to the best of our ability.

    Each close protection officer and event security member is intelligent, knowledgeable and adept in cultural awareness and understanding in order to provide the highest standard of protection wherever you are.

    Reasons to choose Mobius international

    Mobius International has over 25 years of experience spanning across 50 different countries. Each and every one of our event security and all other team members are passionate about the services we offer and endeavour to go above-and-beyond your expectations of us.

    We have a benchmark of the highest professional and ethical standards which is what has helped us grow and maintain a reputation as a reliable and trusted event security provider. Our vision is to create event security services that are the top choice for royalty, government and private entities who require protection services.

    Our company have a global network of event security staff that are international or local ex-government and Special Forces operators. We run our services from our UK-based headquarters which allows us to provide international contacts and local security solutions wherever you are. The services we offer extend much further than just event security and we also offer services for:

    The list of what we provide is endless, so if there is something you need that is not listed above, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert event security team.

    At Mobius International, all of our team members are extremely discreet and professional, yet we endeavour to build personal connections with our clients in order to form a trust and understand which allows us to do our job to the highest standards.

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