Firearms Training Courses

Instructed by former instructors from the SAS, Police Firearms and RMP CPU, Mobius provide three main Firearms courses:

The Mobius Firearms Training courses provide:


  • A framework for continuous professional development
  • Consistency and standardisation across the range of training activities
  • The basis for a professional register of practitioners

Note: Unless previous training and experience meets our approval access to the Advanced Firearms & Close Protection Firearms Training Curriculum is restricted to those who have successfully passed our Initial Firearms Training course.

Courses are conducted using a realistic Justification Suite and on both CQB and drive-on ranges using AR/ M4 5.56 rifles, Glock 17 9mm Pistol, Pyrotechnics and Distraction Devices, and Force on Force training using UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) covering the following:

  • Dry Handling
  • Weapon Concealment
  • Covert Carriage
  • Communications and Ancillaries
  • Use of Covert Weapon Bags, Harnesses & Vests
  • Holsters
  • Fundamentals of CQB
  • Static Turns & Shoots
  • Walking Turns & Shoots
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Shoot/ Don’t Shoot
  • Room Clearance
  • Individual & Team Fire & Manoeuvre
  • Use Of Force/ Rules of Engagement (If required)
  • Principle of Proportionality (If required)
  • Reaction to Attack – Individual & Team
  • Fight Through
  • Use of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Deployments
  • One & Two Car Anti-Ambush
  • Counter Attack Team
  • Extraction Drills
  • Dealing with the Aftermath

The courses seek to enhance the operators shooting skills to an advanced level. Operators must pass the relevant shoot tests in order to achieve a graded pass.

The course is physically demanding and attendees should be in good health.