Home Camera Surveillance System

Are you looking to secure your home against possible intruders? Do you require a home surveillance camera system? Here at Mobius International, we can help. With many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to call upon, our cutting-edge solutions are second-to-none. With a home camera surveillance system installed by us, you will be confident that your home is fully protected.

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    The leading supplier of home camera surveillance systems

    Here at Mobius International, we feel that everyone has the right to feel safe in the comfort of their home. As such, we are passionate about devising new and forward-thinking ways to accomplish this. From panic alarms and thermal sensors to a home camera surveillance system that is tailor designed to your lifestyle. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands with Mobius International.

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    What can Mobius International do for you?

    Prior to supplying and installing any home camera surveillance systems, our team will first conduct a full assessment and threat analysis of your property. This will enable us to identify any blind spots as well as ways to maximise the coverage of your home camera surveillance system. The experts at Mobius International will suggest the best setup that utilises state-of-the-art technology.

    Whether you require our home surveillance camera system as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger security package, we can help. From Mumbai to New York. From Tokyo to Great Britain. At Mobius International, we have honed our expertise in supplying home camera surveillance system setups to clients in over 50 countries spanning six continents.

    All of our security technologies including our home camera surveillance systems will be installed by certified professionals. We will ensure that all systems are integrated seamlessly, so their presence won’t intrude or spoil the effect of your interior décor. Plus, our home camera surveillance system hook-ups are monitored at all times by former UK Police Diplomatic Protection Group officers.

    As mentioned above, you can receive your home surveillance camera system as part of a larger security plan. Other services included in this plan are:

    What are the advantages of a home surveillance camera system?

    Home camera surveillance systems afford their users with many advantages, from increasing security to reducing liability. Have a read below as we have listed a few of these benefits in further detail.

    Lower home insurance costs

    We all want cheaper insurance and investing in a home security system to protect your property is a good way to accomplish this. Many insurance providers will offer special rates and other perks to customers who demonstrate that they have taken steps to secure their property. If you’d like cheaper insurance, call Mobius International and enquire about our home camera surveillance systems.

    Deters would-be thieves

    To deter would-be thieves and intruders, get Mobius International to install a home camera surveillance system. We have found that by simply having such a system installed, criminals are actively deterred and will more often than not target a property that is less secure instead.

    Ensures that you and your family are safe

    Intruders that invade your home may not necessarily be after your possessions. Even if they are, you or your family could still be harmed in the process. With a home surveillance camera system, you will have round-the-clock protection so you can feel safe knowing that our team has your back.

    Remote observation

    The great thing about our home camera surveillance systems is that they can be setup to enable you to monitor the feeds remotely. When coupled with an alarm system, you will receive immediate notification of any attempted intrusion. By accessing your cameras remotely, you’ll be able to observe any intruders without directly risking your own safety.

    If you would like more information regarding our home camera setups, be sure to click on the following link.

    Why choose our home camera surveillance system professionals?

    Professional, dedicated and reliable – who are we? We are Mobius International. Here at Mobius International, we are the leading choice for global risk management services and threat mitigation. As a company, we are trusted by clients worldwide to provide them with cutting-edge home camera surveillance systems. From royalty to entrepreneurs and UHNW’s, we have completed a wide range of protection projects over the years.

    At Mobius International, we hire the best of the best. Each member of our team has been hand-selected for their specialisations and expertise, and all are fully vetted. Our employees are 100% committed to what they do and hold themselves to the highest ethical and professional standards.

    When you choose us to supply you with a home surveillance camera system, you will receive a service that is backed by professionals from a range of backgrounds including:

    • MI5 Security Service Operators
    • Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit
    • SO1 Specialist Protection
    • SO14 Royalty Protection
    • SO6 Diplomatic Protection Group to name a few



    Don’t leave your home unprotected, get in contact with Mobius International today on +44 (0) 207 060 5595 and enquire about a home camera surveillance system.