Pre-Deployment Training (MPDT)

Subject to Bespoke Requirements

All personnel deployed for private clients and contract service providers must have core knowledge and skills to perform their roles safely and effectively in country. Mobius offers pre-deployment training packages that transfer knowledge and skills to front-line personnel and helps them adjust to the challenges that they may face in specific situations including all types of emergency.

The Mobius Pre-Deployment Training Course has been designed to provide bespoke mission specific training to individuals and teams deployed on operations requiring either initial or refresher training.

The course provides training in the following subject matters:

  • An initial or refresher of drills and skills covering weapons use, anti-ambush (foot & vehicle), medical and driving and all associated subject matters.
  • An understanding of the threat(s) posed in the host country
  • Training for specific markers/ situations that may be encountered such as illegal vehicle check points/ ground preparation for heli-borne extraction, street muggings, and gang/ terrorist related activity.
  • Training on specific equipment used in the host country; GPS Mapping, Communications etc.
  • Medical Training for treatment of environment infection and operational injuries.
  • Training and working as a cohesive team.
  • Reaction under stress as a capable individual and as part of a cohesive team during all kinds of hostile attack
  • Training in Conduct After Capture
  • A selection process to ensure maximum standards in individual skill sets; character; and overall team performance, ensuring operators are fit for purpose.

The aims of the course are to provide you with the practical advice and guidance on conduct in your immediate area of operation, the skills needed to perform effectively to deal with specific situations, mitigate risks to threats and successfully enhance the purpose of the mission itself.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who is employed in protective security operations from Close Protection to the security of Embassies/ Consulates and other Government buildings but also to include anyone employed in hostile regions such as those of charitable organisations involved in humanitarian crises, organisations helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster, together with those employed by the Press & Media.

The course is fully bespoke according to your requirements and our advice in both content and duration.