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Richard Aitch – Director of Operations & Training

Richard Aitch is one of the most experienced and respected Close Protection and specialist security subject matter experts within industry with a proven track record of managing and providing UK Government, military and commercial CP operations throughout the world.

His passion for the security industry and demand for delivery of highest standards saw him co-founder Mobius International Ltd as Director of Operations & Training. He brings his specialist expertise; ethos and experience, ensuring Mobius specialist training courses are led, managed and conducted by subject matter experts delivering a standard rarely experienced in the commercial sector.

Former Parachute Regiment and Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, author of the industry’s international best seller: ‘Close Protection – A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation’, and Patron of the International Defence and Security Consultants Association, Aitch has thirty years extensive experience in military, government and private close protection, surveillance and security operations. He is an acknowledged Subject Matter Expert (SME) having held high-risk appointments worldwide, planning and leading numerous operations in over fifty countries across six continents.

Aitch’s demand for highest standards, both operationally and in training has seen him twice sit on the National Security Skills Advisory Panel for security training, providing advice and guidance in reviewing the United Kingdom’s National Occupational Standards for Close Protection.

He has been interviewed several times live on Sky News and LBC Radio, Radio 5 Live, CBS News, The Guardian, Associated Press, Seattle Times, NY Daily News, NZ Herald, Boston Globe, El Pais, Inquirer, Leader Post, Press Reader, St Louis Post Despatch and The Blaze regarding security incidents concerning the UK Prime Minister and performance accuracy to the provision of Close Protection and as a Bodyguard by actors.

Richard Aitch has personally provided Close Protection, Protective Surveillance and Covert Protection to British Ambassadors and UK Special Envoys for and on behalf of the British Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, senior military command staff, several members of the British and Saudi Royal families, Members of Parliament, A-list celebrities, influential world business leaders and UHNWI’s. He received a commendation for outstanding service as Close Protection Team Leader and Personal Protection Officer to the former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM.

As Director of Operations & Training at Mobius International Ltd Aitch brings his knowledge, experience and excellence to bear, ensuring that Mobius leads with an operational and training standard and service that is second to none.

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B’s experience of the security industry started in London’s Metropolitan Police Service where he made a career in New Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and latterly, the Specialist Operations Protection Directorate. After being a Developed Vetting (Top Secret) detective for twenty years he left the service in 2008 to be appointed as the private UK Head of Security to an influential overseas royal Head of State before conducting the same role for an ultra high net worth international businessman, and their respective families.

Providing specialised national security services to the highest professional standards in the Special Branch included work as an intelligence officer, an operational manager for a large anti-terrorist surveillance team and, for many years, specialising in Close Protection. This latter role entailed working at the very pinnacle of power with appointments as the Personal Protection Officer (PPO) to four serving and past British prime ministers (two whilst in office), senior Cabinet ministers, overseas heads of state, royalty and senior government ministers, ambassadors and military generals. These protective services have successfully covered the globe working at senior government and local levels including countries associated with low infrastructure and high risk, and war zones. In acknowledgement of his dedication to and excellence in services to close protection B was presented with a special award before leaving the service.

With a desire to promote the same exacting standards, as an operational practitioner B served as a lead trainer to aspiring officers from all backgrounds destined to work with both the British royal family and senior UK government ministers. He also designed and successfully managed the police service’s first private close protection course delivered to a prominent community security team of volunteers. The rewarding role in training culminated in several years dedicated to leading the national course by representing the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as Course Director and lecturing to police services throughout the United Kingdom. He simultaneously served on the Metropolitan and National Police Close Protection Training Committees and as part of a small, select national team he wrote the police national close protection training course that received national accreditation and international recognition.

This broad, accumulated experience led to a number of global overt and covert analytic and training projects engaged as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the British government Foreign & Commonwealth and Home Offices, in the UK and overseas. Such projects included other police services, protective units and national security agencies and spanned numerous countries in five continents. He was personally invited as a Guest Speaker by the Australian Attorney General’s Office to a national close protection symposium in Sydney, New South Wales and continued his travels to lecture to specialist departments in several other Australian cities.

On leaving the police service B’s passion for excellence was recognised by being asked to sit on the National Security Skills Advisory Group that reviews the National Occupational Standards for close protection and was subsequently invited to be a member of the National Close Protection Consultation Group where he remains as an advisor.

The transition in 2008 from UK government to the unique and discreet private ‘Family Office’ environment has meant utilising his knowledge and experience to benefit private individuals and their families. In providing government standards with a very personal touch B has successfully managed to securely accommodate the nuances and combination of an individual’s personal, private and professional life.


S has been employed as a Team Leader for HMG Close Protection operations for the last 15 years. He has extensive experience of high profile and high-threat operations across the globe. He is a Lead CP and Conflict Management instructor with over 25 years instructional experience.


B is a former member of the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit leaving in 2014 after nearly 26 years exemplary service attaining the rank of Warrant Officer. During his military service he worked for 17 years as an operator and instructor, finishing his career as the Training Warrant Officer of the Close Protection Unit. During this time he worked extensively overseas in some of the most challenging of environments and saw operational service in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and worldwide. He has a strong in-depth knowledge of Close Protection Operations, which has been gained by first-hand experience both with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Militarily Worldwide, both operationally and on Short Term Training Teams (STTT).

During his time with the Close Protection Unit he was a CP instructor heavily involved in the delivery of CP training tasks, both at home and abroad, with a two year tasking assisting with Royal visits.


S2 is a former member of UK Tier 1 Special Forces (22nd Special Air Service Regiment) leaving in 1998 after 17 years exemplary service attaining the rank of Warrant Officer. During his military service he worked extensively overseas in the most challenging of environments and saw operational service in Northern Ireland, Iraq and other classified areas. During his time with the SAS, S2 was a CP instructor involved in the delivery of CP training tasks to overseas governments and military forces as a team leader.

Since leaving the Military S2 has worked for 16 years in a multitude of security disciplines but primarily CP. He has provided Close protection to UHNWIs around the world, trained foreign Police and corporate CP teams and recently served 14 years as a Close Protection team leader in Europe.


Former Security Service (MI5) Mobile Surveillance Operator & Instructor with 10 years operational experience conducting surveillance against targets engaged in Terrorism, Serious Organised Crime, and Industrial Espionage.  A longstanding member of MI5’s in-house Surveillance Training Department, J has instructed on dozens of courses and overseen the successful training, orientation and development of countless recruits and military secondees.

Following a hiatus from covert operations, in 2016 J began working within the private surveillance sector, where she quickly crossed paths with Richard Aitch and Mobius.  In 2017 J was asked to join Mobius as part of the Surveillance Training Wing, where her passion for and commitment to appropriately taught and correctly executed surveillance has seen her co-devise The Mobius Advanced Surveillance Operators Course, and she now instructs on the programme.


Former Police Counter Terrorism, S brings a wealth of operational and training experience to the Mobius Surveillance Operators Course.  He began his 17 years Police service in 1997 where he quickly diversified into the covert world, as surveillance operative/ investigator. As a Detective Sergeant he managed surveillance operations nationally, combatting Serious Organised Crime before moving into Counter Terrorism.  S spent many years engaged in combatting terrorist attack planning both in the UK and abroad, working in the following roles:

Special Branch Detective Sergeant

Operations Manager, Counter Terrorist Intelligence Unit (CTIU)

Intelligence Manager (CTIU)

Surveillance Team Leader (CTIU)

Having overseen the development and training of probationary CTIU Surveillance Operators, S was asked to join Mobius International to co-author and deliver the Mobius Advanced Surveillance Operators Course.  Since leaving the Police, S has been working worldwide within the top tier of the commercial surveillance sector.


Having entered the Police during his late teens, D proceeded to work his way through different departments, gaining a wide range of Investigative experience, before landing in the Firearms 4 years into his Police career.

He quickly added to his skill set, excelling at marksmanship and driving. Further career progression saw him excelling as Specialised Firearms Officer status (SFO) and Surveillance. Surveillance became a regular occurrence, something that D was instantly at home with. MASTS (Mobile Armed Support To Surveillance) were also heavily used and numerous operations were performed. These ranged from targeting Organised Crime Groups, Counter Terrorism to trafficking deployments. Dynamic entry/intervention deployments were also dealt with. At this point D saw progression on the promotion ladder and began to tutor new entrants into the firearms world, just at a time when the world security status was changing, with new challenges presenting themselves to the authorities. Teaching, bringing through and developing new talent in the closely-knit surveillance and Firearms world was a natural step.


Former Parachute Regiment, C completed the 14 Int (SRR – Special Reconnaissance Regiment), Special Forces selection course and deployed to Northern Ireland as a Surveillance Operator, where he served with this unit for 13 years.

During his time with UKSF he had extensive experience in all aspects of counter–terrorist surveillance including ground, mobile, airborne, technical and reactive operations, gaining an extensive operational and training expertise including four years as a senior SRR Instructor.  During Operations in 1996 he was awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal for a valued contribution toward the successful arrest of a mainstream terrorist, and has been involved in other high profile anti-terrorist operations involving personnel from different Government agencies.


Former Special Boat Service (SBS) surveillance instructor, C has over nine years experience applying his trade in some of the most hostile countries around the globe.

After completing Special Forces selection, C was quickly singled out to attend the specialist reconnaissance (SR) course, a highly intensive, six-month course for UKSF operators.  He latterly became an SR instructor and the SBS course representative.

C has been pivotal in a number of surveillance and counter terrorism programmes, with particular expertise for implementing new strategic capability development for UKSF. An example of this was the introduction of SBS maritime surveillance, which is still in use today.

During his surveillance career C rose to Second in Command for the SBS surveillance cell, a role that saw him plan and conduct the training of new surveillance operators within UKSF.  He was instrumental in the procurement/ trialing of new equipment and in the development of new techniques (SOP’s), to keep UKSF at the forefront of operational commitment.

C still applies his skills in foreign Government, commercial and corporate environments, and his work has lead to numerous prosecutions and convictions.  C brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience as an instructor and is a valued member of the team.


P served 24 years in the British Army, the last 14 of which were with the Special Forces (SRR), specializing in surveillance. For his services he was awarded the MBE, George Medal, QCB. He also spent 2 tours on the instructional team teaching surveillance and close target reconnaissance each of these lasting 2 years. Within the commercial world since leaving the Army besides his extensive security career P has spent time teaching US forces in Germany.


G completed 23 years of exemplary service in the British Army. 12 years within an Infantry regiment and 11 years of service within UK Special Forces as a member of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR). G completed his full service achieving the rank of Warrant Officer Class One and was awarded the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service for his covert operational work.

G’s military surveillance and reconnaissance expertise and experience was gained over a decade as an operator, trainer, planner and manager of high level counter terrorism covert operations conducted around the world. In addition to his SRR service G served an extremely successful 2-year secondment to the British Security Service (MI5).

Since retiring from the Army, G has taught surveillance and reconnaissance on numerous foreign government defence contracts. He has also planned and conducted commercial surveillance operations on behalf of high net worth clients throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


M served 18 years as a senior manager 22nd Special Air Service Regiment.

Advanced Operations Wing:  

Planned and deployed on discrete operational and training tasks overseas in a non-permissive environment, conducted surveillance and intelligence gathering worldwide.  Deployed to Kabul Afghanistan November 2001 and conducted discrete operations in support of HMG, carried out liaison with local and international agencies and was responsible for producing risk assessments for the British Embassy.  Planned and implemented security measures for a VIP with a threat to his life while moving freely through the north of the country (Herat, Mazar-Sharif, Kabul and Bamiyan).  Implemented security measures and support to project people and assets in the region against the threats posed primarily from armed conflict, terrorism, militant activism and civil unrest

SAS Covert Reactive Troop NI:  

Senior Team Leader responsible for tactical command of sub sections of a covert reactive troop as designated by the ground commander.  Responsible for and managed all types of SF weapon and Surveillance training.

Surveillance Instructor UKSF SRR 

Managed the selection and training of UKSF and Tri-Service personnel for covert reactive operations under hazardous conditions.  Weapon Training and Surveillance instructor.


Team Leader and Head of Covert Method of Entry, working as part of a small surveillance team gathering and providing intelligence information for Governmental Agencies.

On leaving the army M joined the Sultans Special Force (SSF) working for the Sultanate of Oman taking up the post of Chief Training Instructor (Captain) for Covert Security.  He was responsible for training SSF in discrete and covert operations within Oman Implemented Changes to the Tactical Doctrine and Standard Operational Procedures.  Advised Senior Management on future training objectives and planning guides.  Planned and conducted training programs ensuring that staff meet objectives and training standards were maintained.


D2 is sought after as an associate of leading multi-national organisations in the security industry. Formerly she served in the Ministry of Defence for 25 years where she planned many high profile operations, she led active operations on the ground and trained specialists for operational work. She is a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified instructor and now specialises in the training and delivery of all Operational aspects and theory of Surveillance tradecraft around the globe.

Her training style is relaxed and informative, she exudes enthusiasm for the subject and delivers results with professionalism and humour. She has an infectious passion for surveillance and her audiences find her direct but approachable. D2 brings a life time of real and actual surveillance experience to the classroom; her knowledge doesn’t come out of a text book or from pretence; she has lived the experiences and lessons she imparts to her students.


D3 is former member of UKSF with 27 years of regular service. Commencing with the Parachute Regiment from the early 1980s until the late-nineties, he then joined UKSF for a period of 9 years before entering the commercial market place.  He has extensive theoretical, practical and operational knowledge and experiences of the subject material taught on the Mobius International Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) course, having led and developed the delivery of these specialist techniques during his military career.  D3 has gained detailed knowledge and experiences in the security industry, with a leaning towards CTR and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) during his consultancy and instruction across several continents, substantiated with a Master’s Degree in Security Management.  He has a proven track record of delivery for security management in the hostile as well as the benign environment.  Experienced and highly qualified to make an effective commercial and professional contribution to the delivery of Mobius International specialist training, providing the highest standards of operationally focused instruction.


Former military with a 30-year career, including 14 years with UKSF (SRR). Whilst serving with SRR, planned, managed and conducted surveillance operations in UK & NI, Balkans, Southern Africa and Afghanistan. Multiple instructor tours teaching Mobile and Static Surveillance and CQB. Spent time embedded with both the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service, B has extensive liaison experience with foreign Government Agencies and has designed, developed and delivered Surveillance training to host nation organisations. Since leaving the military, B has continued to successfully plan and conduct Surveillance operations on behalf of private clients across three continents; and delivered multiple seminars to a Far East Police Agency. Drawing on experience gained subsequent to passing the PSNI Specialist Firearms Officer Close Protection qualification, B has delivered multiple Protective Surveillance operations on behalf of UHNW clients.


S served a full 22 years in the British Army spending the first 5 years in the Parachute Regiment and then 17 years 22nd Special Air Service reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. He operated in both the first and second Gulf war as well as spending 5 years on overt and covert operations in Northern Ireland where he was awarded the QCVS.

Instrumental in setting up the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Cell within 22, he trained multiple Surveillance operators as well as operated himself in the apprehension of many dangerous criminals that were indicted for war crimes in the Balkans. He then subsequently became the department second in command during the transition to the SRR.

In addition, he has led small teams of mainstream media correspondents into Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Libya. Of particular note to the many successful missions completed, he was part of the CNN team that was awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for work carried out in Libya covering the Ambassador Stephens story in Benghazi.

S still has a high readiness reserve commitment to 22 SAS where he advises and trains expeditionary surveillance on a regular basis.


Former Parachute Regiment & 22nd Special Air Service.  Lead Role in the 22SAS K9 cell, headed up Sqn UK Counter Terrorist Lead Assault Team (LAT), lead Canine Protection & Detection, (CPAD), as handler and Sqn trainer. Lead all CQB training involving dogs (land and maritime roles training evolutions), extensive day and night training and covert operations and all small arms training involving the operators and the k9 asset. Lead training and advising all Sqn operators with the integration of the CPAD dual trained Military Working Dog (MWD). Lead in all Ops, to target, assaults, conducting Sight Sensitive Exploitation, (SSE), search and Exfil.

On leaving the Regiment, conducted a number of special training projects in north Iraq and Kuwait, Africa, USA and UK teaching CQB, small arms and special weapons and tactics training. Conducted Counter Terrorism training setting up a fully manned operational CT Sqn to protect the countries strategic position and teaching advanced PSD operations and combat tactical medicine in the USA to Royal Protection Teams.


N is a former member of UK Tier 1 Special Forces (22nd Special Air Service Regiment) leaving in 2001 after 13 years exemplary service attaining the rank of Warrant Officer. During his time with the SAS, N was the units Sniper Instructor, CQB instructor and VIP Protection Instructor involved in the delivery of all Counter Terrorist and Sniper training of the SAS Counter Terrorist Wing (CTW). Since leaving the Military N has worked for 16 years in a multitude of security disciplines but primarily in the Operational Management and Close Protection of Board members of large Corporations overseas in high threat environments and the provision of Counter Terrorist and Special Forces training in Africa.


M is a registered Paramedic with extensive experience working within the military and also commercially on projects covering Iraq, Afghanistan and West Africa. He has significant offshore experience and also has provided medical support to UHNW clients. He has a passion for training and has delivered education packages to government and military clients. With a passion for military acute care it allowed him to climb the ranks to UKSF Squadron Paramedic very quickly and also worked on the SF MERT and the United States Army “DUSTOFF” respectfully. In terms of the delivery of education, M still continues to teach pre-hospital care and CBRNE to some of the world’s most specialised units and governments and carries out medical audits, analysis, planning and intelligence for UNHW clients around the globe.


J is a former military, UK registered Paramedic with over 20 years experience. He has delivered clinical and training services across the world. Specialising in remote, hostile area and expedition medicine, he has successfully delivered services and managed programs for military, government, commercial and UHNW sectors. Since leaving the military “J” continues to be one of the most respected and remembered Squadron Paramedics within UKSF and it’s why he remains a go-to medic for the delivery of bespoke, immersive and realistic medical training programs.


30 Years operational experience as an operations officer with MI5. 20 years at management level.  Team leading hostile awareness and situational awareness courses. Qualified trainer.


37 Years operational experience with MI5. A variety of foreign postings around the world dealing with security for embassies and associated government advice. Conflict management trainer. Hostile awareness trainer. Experienced role player with all associated courses including situational awareness, Police liaison courses and HAC course.


A former Police Officer with 30 Years police Service. Prior to retiring she was a Hendon Police approved driving instructor on the Advanced wing. A also taught anti-hijack courses to external agencies and had a wealth of experience teaching response driving, covert blues and twos and pursuit training including TPAC. She is also a fully qualified ADI and Fleet ADI. A1 Assessor and external driving assessor.


A former Police Advanced driving instructor at Hendon, he has fast experience teaching all levels at Hendon driving school. He designed various courses and oversaw training for anti-hijack and escape and evasion courses. He also trained the advanced trainers at Hendon and spent many years as respected trainer at Hendon’s own SDU (Staff Development Unit). He trained at Advanced level, TPAC and taught the Police driving instructors and delivered the 10 week Police Advanced Driving Courses. He is also a qualified ADI and Fleet ADI. He is also an external NVQ driving assessor and A1 assessor


Current Police Class 1 Advanced Driver
Current Blue light Assessor
Current Authorised Firearms Officer overt protection Officer
Current Authorised Firearms Supervisor on a protection command in the Met Police with authorised business interest
Pursuit, Covert Blues & Two’s
Level 1 Advanced Solo
Qualified ADI and Fleet ADI, RoSPA Trainer
LGV, PCV trainer
QCF Assessor
LGV PCV Instructor
Chauffeur accredited trainer
National advanced diploma in Advanced Driving instruction cars
RoSPA diploma for motorcyclist advanced driving instruction
IAM and RoSPA Examiner
4×4 off-road trainer for RoSPA
Chauffeur trainer
Security hostile awareness trainer
SAFED authorised cars and light vehicle
DSA register as an authorised instructor
Class 1 advanced motorcyclist current
Qualified Police Driving Instructor
Former traffic officer
Vehicle examiner
Standard accident investigator
Road scene manager
Post accident course delivery experience