Protective Surveillance Services

We take our protective surveillance services very seriously, and because of this, we are now one of the chosen security companies for both UK and international governments, important persons, celebrities and events management companies. Using a combination of the latest technological advances and human skills and knowledge, we provide the best protective surveillance services the country can offer, so contact today to see what we can do for you.

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    An introduction to our protective surveillance services

    Mobius International has been providing the world with protective surveillance services for over 25 years. During that time, our company has grown strong by employing only the most highly experienced security personnel and investing in the latest, most innovative security equipment.

    This combination has proved invaluable in our dedication to supplying the very best protective surveillance services, and we can now offer our clients three different types of surveillance which have all proven to be effective in their security and protection.

    With a protective surveillance service from Mobius International, you will receive results. So if you need help with the following, get in touch with our team today.

    • Individuals that require protection but do not wish others to know
    • Individuals that do not wish protection but a concerned party does on their behalf
    • Additional cover to an existing protection team
    • Family members that might be reluctant to accept a security presence
    • Sensitive business meetings where the presence of security might be detrimental to the image of a business

    We have provided you with more information about each of our protective surveillance services below.

    Our protective surveillance services

    Whether you’re a family member, friend, colleague or organisation concerned about the safety of an individual or group of people, Mobius International provides professional covert and overt surveillance to ensure the protection of the person in our care. As part of our covert and overt surveillance, we can deploy a range of methods designed to cover all areas of protection.

    Mobile protective surveillance service

    From installing hidden HD cameras to constant CCTV surveillance, our team have a keen eye for video security opportunities. Depending on whether you need our covert or overt protective surveillance service, we can make our high tech cameras visible and invisible. We can send the footage to either a team of operators on the ground near the person under protection or in another arranged location to ensure that our security team are on hand to leap into action should any threat occur.

    In the field, our team of security experts can make themselves unknown; from operating inside a vehicle to walking the streets and providing constant observations from among the crowds.

    Counter-surveillance service

    If you’re concerned that your equipment may have been installed with a bug or tracking device, our counter surveillance service is ready to find and attack any kind of technological concern with a range of electronic devices and computer software. Most bugs emit a frequency which we can pick up and then destroy – in previous cases, we’ve removed bugs from cameras and transmitters.

    Viruses can also be unknowingly downloaded to read passwords and important documents on your computer or handheld devices. We possess advanced software which can remove the virus and clean your computer.


    Our anti-surveillance team have a background in providing military, royal and government protection. Using our skills, knowledge, experience and connections in the security industry, we can provide comprehensive protection surveillance services for those wishing to remain hidden for security purposes.

    For example, we can arrange services for people that need to avoid being caught on camera, arrange secure places for those under witness protection, or need a false identity to avoid being discovered.

    Why should you trust Mobius International for your protective surveillance services?

    When you contact us regarding our protective surveillance services, a specialist member of the team will be able to advise you on the next steps. We will want to arrange an in-depth phonecall or meeting to outline what you need from our services, then recommend the best security for you. You can be confident in knowing that our expert security team will provide you with everything that you need and more.

    At Mobius International, a passion for providing security services is at the heart of everything that we do. Before we employ anyone, they have to prove that they have previously worked for a major security body including one of the following:

    • UK Special Forces (SRR)
    • MI5 (Security Service)
    • Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime & Operations (SCO11 Surveillance)
    • Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command (SO15)
    • Terrorism Investigation Unit, Police Service Northern Ireland

    With each employee’s background firmly placed in providing high level professional security services, we already know that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to become a member of Mobius International’s trusted security team. Once they are a confirmed member of the team, they will go through rigorous training courses designed to specialise them in any one of our services.

    As part of their continued training in the latest security methods, we will thoroughly train each member to use every single piece of current and newly introduced technology involved in our protection surveillance services.

    Where do we operate?

    We’re a UK company with a world reputation for supplying different types of security. Operating across 4 continents and 50 countries, there’s no security matter that we haven’t seen and dealt with. We are a truly global company and have contacts all over the world that we can use to create complex security strategies for some of the most demanding clients.

    What are the other services that we offer?

    At Mobius International, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide more than just protection surveillance services. In fact, we can combine a range of the services that we have detailed below to suit your needs.

    • Close protection
    • Residential and office security
    • Security audits
    • Superyacht security
    • Security drivers

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