Red Teaming

Red Teaming

A pragmatic approach to the testing and assessment of current methodologies of protective Tactics, Techniques & Procedure (TTP)

At Mobius, we are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about the specialist sectors of the industry in which we operate and passionate about the standards in which we offer. We push the boundaries in both orthodox and unorthodox methods of approach and as leaders in protective and surveillance services our former UKSF counter terrorist and MI5 Red Teams are expert in conducting an all-out attempt to gain access to systems, buildings or individuals by any means necessary; cyber penetration testing, systems and physical breach and assessment, and testing of all manned guarding including Close Protection Teams.

The day-to-day function of ‘security’ remains a common denominator for many in the workplace or indeed for the safety and comfort of one’s life. It is an aspect that is an ‘accepted’ part of our movement in going to work in the city or as an integral aspect of one’s daily life. From manned guarding access control to turnstile swipe card security systems; from biometric to volumetric to ultra-long range pan, tilt, zoom auto-tracking FLIR thermal CCTV, the relative increase in the presence of manned guards combined with the technological advances have provided the means to accomplish the security function effectively.

Yet, this ‘effectiveness’ remains an ‘assumption’ for many organisations and individuals at risk. It is an assumption due to the lack of testing. One could quite rightly say that ‘security’ per se is approached as a form of insurance. Process and reason are in place in the event of. It is there to counter both the opportunistic element and the planned breach or attack. However, the implementation of such is conducted based on a determination made concerning the trade-off between ‘money’ and ‘party politics’. Both budgetary allowances and what is deemed as acceptably feasible (or feasibly acceptable!) affect any end result in any security effort. Once installed or imposed it is then assumed that risks have been mitigated with the box having been ticked.

Testing of security systems, manpower, policy, process and procedure is rarely conducted. But why is this? In all my experience specifically concerning the Close Protection of individuals subject to threat(s) I have yet to witness delivery of any testing of that protection team or that individual bodyguard. Testing of systems is seldom better with the majority of which having been conducted by pressing a ‘test button’.

Here at Mobius International Ltd, we are fanatical about what we do. Our standards are government level. From initial Threat and Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, provision of specialist security operations utilising only former government protection, surveillance and intelligence personnel and state of the art equipment to testing security tactics, techniques and procedure of others we are expert in both the provision of security and adversary simulation.

Mobius specialist operators are able to identify, test and exploit any weaknesses in existing Close Protection and manned guarding teams, building and area access control, perimeter fence line, electronic and data security systems and procedure and provide you with the necessary solutions to rectify any exposed limitations. We are passionate about industry standards and we are here to test others – to ensure the client receives what they assume they are receiving.

If you would like your organisations security tested, whether that is manpower, systems/ data or other then give us a call. It’s what we do.