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Residential, Estate & Office Security Management Services

MOBIUS INTERNATIONAL – EXPERT IN Residential, Estate & Office Security

At Mobius International, and with on-going permanent Residential Security contracts, we are experts at providing a complete residential, estate & office security solution for you, your family and residence. We undertake a full threat assessment and provide recommendations utilising world leading innovative technological advancements and methodology.

We will conduct a full Threat and Risk Site Assessment of your property to ensure we provide the solution for your security needs. Typically, our residential security services are used as part of an overall protection operation and the duties are often similar to those of a Close Protection team.

We have provided Security Surveys, Threat & Risk Assessments, Security Systems and trained manpower for properties in Mumbai, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, Vienna, Moscow, Krasnodar, Washington, New York, with a specific increased service afforded in London and throughout the French Riviera.


Professional Manned Guarding Solutions

We take great pride in the quality of manpower that we use. Many of our male and female residence security guards are former UK Police Diplomatic Protection Group. Exemplary former military and police careers, many of whom have provided security at key government establishments including 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Ministry Of Defence at Whitehall. Impeccable, fully vetted and specifically selected to your preference.

Excellent presentation combined with high levels of communication, etiquette and protocol throughout, the security service provided remains second to none due to our unfaltering attention to detail, each having signed in-depth Service Agreements & Scope of Works with embedded NDA’s.



We are the only UK registered company licensed to provide
Residential, Estate, Office and Retail Security Services in France



Mobius International UK Ltd are also the only UK registered company to be licensed to provide manned guarding security services in France by the CNAPS authority,

(Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité, Ruling N° 2018-DTIDF-13-04-2018-01)

We service several contracts providing vetted high-level local manpower with specialist former UK Government management expertise.

We can recommend and install a full array of advanced security systems so that we can monitor your property in a discreet manner. These systems include:

Panic Alarms

Thermal Sensors

Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR)

Microphonic Cable Intrusion Sensors

Auto-Tracking Thermal/ IR CCTV with Video Motion Detection (VMD)

Safe (Panic) Rooms

Motion & Vibration Sensors

Infrared (IR) Radiation Sensors

Above or Beneath-ground Volumetric Sensors

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

Our systems are invariably installed to work in conjunction with a 24/7 manned guarding solution.

Mobius International have built a reputation as security specialist. Over the past thirty years we have developed a network of existing and former government contacts all over the world, including Europe, South America, Australia, Russia, Canada and Japan. We have provided protection services to Governments, Corporations, members of royal families, government members, the military and world business leaders.

Other specialist security services our team offers include:

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    Why Choose Mobius International?

    When you choose our residential, estate and office security service, you will find that our manpower and security systems will integrate seamlessly into your household with no disruption. Our teams are available on site on a 24/7 basis, or as required.


    We pride ourselves on delivering a service based on integrity and dependability. Our operators have been trusted by royalty, governments and private individuals alike to provide the most comprehensive security solutions in the most challenging of situations.


    Experience spanning over 30 years in over 50 countries and across 6 continents enables us to bring clarity, transparency and professionalism to the market place.


    With specialists in over 50 countries, we can expedite solutions both at home and abroad through our international expertise and local knowledge whatever the situation.