Residential and Office Security

Do you need a full security package? At Mobius International, we are experts in residential and office security with a mature directory of clients, including royal, diplomatic and corporate establishments. Built on solid connections, Mobius International is the number one company to arrange all of your security needs, including security guards, complex security systems and surveillance.

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    Our office and residential security service

    Before we assign you with any of our security services, we conduct a Threat and Risk Site Assessment. Our risk assessment is designed to create the perfect security system to suit your needs.

    Whether you are planning an activity that requires a full security programme, or you need additional security for a planned visit, Mobius International is here to make you feel safe with our residential and office security service.

    Our risk assessment for your residential and office security will include:

    An initial discussion

    The discussion is essential to discovering what you need from us. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the types of security we have available, and we will recommend a variety of security options before deciding on the perfect security. This will only be decided once the whole of the assessment has been carried out.

    Pre-planning assessments and recommendations

    In security, detail is paramount. Once we have discussed your concerns and assessed your site, we will recommend a security plan for you in detailed reports. We want to make sure you understand why we are suggesting the different elements to your security and gain your complete confidence in our plan for your residential and office security.

    Additional Investigations

    Included in our risk assessment for your residential and office security, we will conduct general security audits, vulnerability studies and bespoke personal surveys.

    Our office and residential security service is usually a system made up of specially trained men and women, and duties are often compared to a Close Protection Team. By employing security guards that were initially part of the UK Police Diplomatic Protection Group, we make sure your residential and office security is expert, impeccable and fully reliable.

    Our residential and office security systems

    As stated earlier, our security plans for residential and office security will often involve an integrated mix of computerised and human security measures. Once we have conducted our initial risk assessment, we can decide from a huge range of technical systems that have been designed to give complete reassurance and secure protection. They include:

    • Panic alarms
    • Thermal sensors
    • Safe rooms
    • Motion and vibration sensors
    • Infrared radiation sensors
    • Perimeter surveillance radar
    • Microphone cable intrusion sensors
    • Volumetric sensors
    • Advanced CCTV systems

    Our residential and office security is a subtle addition to your establishment. If there are any concerns regarding your security, our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance.

    Why should you trust our residential and office security?

    Providing protective security, surveillance and intelligent services to businesses and establishments all over the world is what we do best. The combination of our highly trained security guards and advanced, modern technology ensures security to residential and office security.

    We put ourselves above the rest of any other security company in the business by employing people who have former government standard training. All members of our staff have previous experience providing security to royalty, the government and the military, in addition to high profile individuals, so you can be sure that your residential and office security will be of the highest level.

    With many members of our security team trained in delivering specialist security services including advanced driving, skiing, diving and boat crew, our residential and office security is second to none.

    What other security services do we offer?

    With residential and office security just one of our specialities, we offer the following additional high quality security services:

    • Close protection
    • Security audits
    • Risk advisory
    • Special projects
    • Super yacht security
    • Security drivers
    • Surveillance

    Click on the link to find out more about some of our additional services.

    If you need the help of former MI5 and MI6 officers, counter-terrorism forces and royal security services, then contact Mobius International.

    Having provided security for 50 countries all over the world, we combine highly trained individuals with the most advanced technical solutions, ensuring you are completely assured that your residential and office security is of the highest quality.

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