RoSPA Advanced Driving Course

Pre-Course Requisites: A thorough knowledge of Roadcraft and the latest edition of the Highway Code is expected.

The course aims to give students knowledge and understanding of advanced and defensive driving in preparation for the advanced test.

4 days

  • Based on the Police Driver Handbook, Roadcraft, our three-day advanced driving course prepares drivers for the Advanced Driving Test
  • Having learnt both the theory and practical skills your fleet can then take the test to become qualified advanced drivers in just a week
  • Better at anticipating changes, more observant and with enhanced handling skills, advanced drivers have been proven to be less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident
  • This advanced driving training is ideal for company car and van drivers as well as immediate response drivers

During this practical driving course delegates will learn a systems approach to pre-use vehicle checks. They will also come to understand the effects of human factors, such as attitude and fatigue on driving performance.

The course will focus on developing a systematic and defensive approach to hazard management and risk reduction, including improved observations and awareness of potential road risks, in preparation for the RoSPA Advanced Test.

As advanced driving is based on systems detailed in The Police Driver Handbook, Roadcraft, a thorough understanding of both this and the Highway Code is expected.

The course runs on a 3:1 delegate to trainer ratio. It can be tailored to suit specific needs and can be delivered modularly in any vehicle type.

Delegates can receive training and be put through the RoSPA Advanced Test within a week – advantageous if a swift qualification is required.

The RoSPA advanced driving test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. It is monitored and approved by the Driving Standards Agency.

The test lasts around 45 to 70 minutes, and is taken with a RoSPA Examiner, all of whom are serving or retired Police Officers in the UK.

The RoSPA Advanced Driving Test is unique as it is graded Bronze, Silver or Gold. A RoSPA gold is the highest civilian driving standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art.

The course will focus on vehicle security, provision of protection mobile skills during one and two-car convoy moves utilising safe and progressive driving and the full scope of convoy procedure, anti-ambush and anti-hijack drills. Training can be bespoke to cater for mission specific training for the destined theatre of operation in addition to associated training requirements on our Pre-Deployment Training courses. All operational environments catered from typical safer Western European countries to severe hostile regions involving both armoured and soft-skin vehicles the following are covered:

On completion students should:

Reduce accident risk and exposure to vehicle damage Understand and minimise the general and specific local causes of accidents

Appreciate how human factors affect performance Understand the need for a systems-approach to vehicle checks

Improve observations and awareness of potential risk on the road

Develop a systematic and defensive approach to hazard management and risk reduction in preparation for the RoSPA Advanced Test

Be able to complete a commentary drive during their test

Who should attend?

All drivers/riders including those whose role or specific task exposes them to a higher than average risk, and those who wish to develop their skills in preparation for RoSPA’s Advanced Test.

Also appropriate for drivers in the private or public sector preparing to complete an emergency response course.