Security Surveillance Equipment

Is your property in need of a complete surveillance package? If so, get in touch with the experts at Mobius International today as we supply and install cutting-edge security surveillance equipment to suit a wide range of properties. Whatever the budget or size of your property our team will tailor a surveillance setup to ensure that your home or workplace is fully covered.

For the most trustworthy provider of security services when it comes to close protection companies UK, Mobius International should be your number one choice. With over 25 years of experience in operations spanning 50 countries, our industry knowledge is unparalleled in the international security sector. Call us today on 0207 060 5595 for more information.

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    The Best Choice For Surveillance Equipment

    You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked so why leave the interior of your property unprotected? While the initial cost of setting up security surveillance equipment can be expensive, the long-term benefits more than pay for themselves. When you choose Mobius International to install surveillance equipment in your property, you will have an effective deterrent that will keep intruders at bay.

    Many companies provide sub-standard systems that are susceptible to outside interference, provide poor quality images and are prone to failing. When you pick Mobius International, you won’t have to deal with such problems from our security surveillance equipment. Our state-of-the-art systems provide continuous high-resolution feedback and utilise cutting-edge features that will ensure your cameras remain operational no matter what.

    To find out more about how we design and install our security surveillance equipment packages, read on below.


    How Can Mobius International Be Of Assistance?

    Installing security surveillance equipment is not as simple as placing the odd camera here and there. At Mobius International, we carry out a full threat assessment of your property that enables us to identify the optimal placement of your entire security setup. This enables us to eliminate any blind spots and position your cameras in such a way that ensures they blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

    Once we have completed our assessment and supplied you with a fully planned layout for your security surveillance equipment, we will set about getting everything installed and connected up. Afterwards, our experts will test out everything to make certain that it works correctly. At Mobius International, we tailor security surveillance equipment packages to suit everyone.

    From panic alarms and infrared radiation sensors to fully equipped panic rooms. Our complete security packages are designed to keep you and your property safe no matter what. As one of the most reliable security surveillance equipment suppliers, we provide services to a wide range of customers including:

    • Government officials
    • World leaders
    • Royalty
    • UHNW individuals

    If you would like more information on our surveillance equipment setups, click here. Otherwise, read on further to hear about the many great benefits.

    What Are The Advantages Of Having Professional Security Equipment Installed?

    You might be asking whether our security surveillance equipment is really all that necessary. The short answer is yes. By choosing Mobius International, you will discover many great benefits that will afford you with much-needed peace of mind. These benefits include:

    Effective Deterrent

    It goes without saying, but any property that is outfitted with cameras will prove a far less tempting target than one that is unprotected. Often, the mere sight of a camera is enough to deter would-be thieves, which is why dummy cameras are so effective. At Mobius International, we don’t use dummy cameras in our surveillance equipment, so you’ll be protected even if the deterrent fails.

    Lower Insurance Premiums

    Any property that is unprotected will naturally cost more to insure. In fact, many insurance policies require that a home be outfitted with some form of security system, and that said system be kept fully maintained. Failure to do so could invalidate your policy in the event of a burglary. Our security equipment not only guarantees that your policy remains valid but could also lower the cost of your insurance.

    Remote Access

    Many companies provide security equipment with feeds that can only be accessed on-site, these are really only useful for investigating rather than preventing the crime. At Mobius International, our surveillance equipment can be accessed remotely so if an alarm is tripped, you’ll have immediate access to your cameras no matter where in the world you are.

    24/7 Support

    The last point about remote access ties in quite nicely with our next point concerning our 24/7 support solutions. Many of our residential security guards are ex-members of the UK Police Diplomatic Protection Group. They can work on or off-site in conjunction with your security surveillance equipment to provide a lighting fast reaction.

    Increased Safety

    With our security equipment installed throughout your property, your home will be safer than ever. Thieves will be deterred and should anyone attempt to break in, our team will be on-site in no time at all. With this sort of peace of mind, you’ll have no trouble relaxing and unwinding with the family.

    Why Choose Mobius International For Your Security Surveillance Equipment?

    Here at Mobius International, we represent the very best in security services, risk advisory and specialist projects. Our global risk consultants are sourced from the most elite branches of government protection, surveillance and intelligence agencies including:

    • SO14 Royal Protection
    • MI6 Intelligence Officers
    • UK Special Forces
    • Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit
    • SO20 Counter Terrorism Protective Command Police

    Under the guidance of our Director of Operations and Training, Richard Aitch, Mobius International are committed to being the number one choice for high-profile clients worldwide. As a company, we have provided cutting-edge services in more than 50 countries across six continents. Our ability to adapt to a range of scenarios in all manner of environments is why we are trusted by so many.

    With more than 25 years’ experience, no other company boasts our level of expertise. To ensure the highest professional and ethical standards, we actively push ourselves to go above and beyond what our clients expect from us.