Security Threat Assessment

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    Unbeatable Security Threat Assessments

    Whether it’s an issue of personal security, business security, property, yacht, or others, Mobius International is uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality security risk assessment. We have been supplying clients with government-grade security services for over 30 years, so we have come across many different scenarios and possess the expertise to counter them effectively.

    Services that we offer include:

    • Close Protection / Executive Protection / Bodyguards
    • Protective Surveillance
    • Residential, Estate and Office Security
    • Security Drivers
    • Super Yacht Security
    • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
    • Event Security / Medical Services
    • Counter-Terrorism Search Teams / Security Dogs
    • Asset Protection
    • Cybersecurity

    Using our vast knowledge, gained over the years of service, our teams are unparalleled professionals in all areas of security threat assessment.


    When Is It Necessary To Have A Security Threat Assessment?

    Ask yourself one question; how can you successfully defend against a threat that has not been planned for? Security threat analysis is often the difference between success and failure for an operation or security platform.

    As with any security service, including all the listed options above, we complete a thorough security risk assessment before each operation is cleared for initiation. The security assessments are crucial to the effectiveness of the operation, ensuring the safety of the target.

    We also provide independent security threat analysis. Our former government security consultants will be able to give you all the information you need to stay ahead of potential threats. We offer accurate and detailed assessments for businesses, offices/residential properties, organisations, and people.

    Our team can complete general security audits, vulnerability studies, and custom personal surveys. The personal surveys are perfect for the protection of residences, related assets, and fending off potential high-threat individuals.

    What Is Involved?

    There are several questions that need to be answered within a risk assessment, including:

    • Who or what needs to be protected?
    • Who and what are the vulnerabilities and threats?
    • What are the implications if they were damaged, lost or stolen?
    • What is the value of the target to the organisation?
    • What measures can be taken to minimise exposure to the loss or damage?

    Until these questions are answered, thoroughly, then the security risk assessment is not complete.

    Every report we complete is tailored to your specific requirements, both for security and budgetary needs. Generally, the assessments are broken down into three sections which address a different section of the security infrastructure. The categories are; people/personnel security, physical security, and cybersecurity.

    All three categories don’t always apply to every situation, or you may wish to focus on one particular aspect. All of our security risk assessments will come with a set of proposals to plug any potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. We will outline the probable, improbable, and other threats that may target that which you’re trying to protect.

    Pre-planning security risk assessments have been provided by our teams for many clients over the years, in some 50 countries. We’ve worked with world-leading architects and interior designers for the purpose of maximising the effectiveness of a client’s security platform.

    Security Systems

    We can give you detailed feedback about your current security systems, and provide state-of-the-art security systems and upgrades that will take your security to a new level. We professionally install and integrate the new systems using years of experience to provide the best solutions for you.

    Utilising the services of world-leading architects and interior designers and combining their skills with our years of experience, we form a cohesive solution that goes unequalled in the industry.

    There are options for covert and overt systems, which are suitable for any property. Our security assessment will give us the best insight to provide a combination of discreet remote and automated elements. These will enable audible, visual, and silent methods of intrusion detection and alerts.

    Our London close protection services are only one of many security solutions we provide at Mobius International. Some of our other available services include but are not limited to:

    Why Us?

    Our team is composed of unique individuals, whose skills meld together and overlap to form an impenetrable mesh of talent. We are all motivated and dedicated to the protection and security of our clients, whether it’s direct protection through our driver’s, close-protection operatives, dogs, and other forms, or hands off protection with cybersecurity, protective surveillance, and others.

    We are responsible for many successfully managed and led operations throughout the world, in countries including; Australia, Canada, Bosnia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and many others. We have a global network of contacts, which can provide localised support for security solutions.

    We’ve covered almost every situation you can think of, including high profile security meetings and assemblies, confidential and secure data transfers, specialist high-risk close protection, counter-surveillance, and many others.

    Our organisation is highly regarded across the world for our security threat analysis and other services, with an established clientele base for corporate and private sectors. We are based in the United Kingdom, and pride ourselves on providing professional and ethical standards that supersede any others available.

    Mobius International maintains a personnel standard of Government Tier 1 operators, which means they displayed “exceptional talent” during their time with the government. We have operators from all corners of the elite forces in their fields of speciality. Former SAS (Special Air Service), SBS (Special Boat Service), and SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) work alongside MI5 security service and MI6 intelligence officers, which feature some of the best and most renowned military and government forces in the world.

    We put their exceptional abilities and skills to good use, supplementing their knowledge with other areas we utilise. Our incredible team and unparalleled training, support and experience make us the number one choice.

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    Call Mobius International today on +44 (0) 207 060 5595 if you’re unsure if you’re security platforms and systems are up to standard, and even if you think they are, contact us to make sure. We’ll make sure you get the very best security threat assessment available worldwide. Alternatively, please contact operations via email at or fill in the online form with your enquiry.