Super Yacht security

Are you planning to set sail soon? Have you researched the necessary security precautions that you may need to take? At Mobius International, we are experts in delivering first-rate super yacht securityand can provide you with expert advice, so you know that you’re investing in the right security for your boat. Call us today on 02070 605595 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

For the most trustworthy provider of security services when it comes to close protection companies UK, Mobius International should be your number one choice. With over 25 years of experience in operations spanning 50 countries, our industry knowledge is unparalleled in the international security sector. Call us today on 0207 060 5595 for more information.

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    The Importance Of Super Yacht Security

    Your super yacht is a ship builder’s masterpiece, and with its sleek style dripping with splendour, sometimes it can attract the wrong attention. Mobius International are here to give you that extra peace of mind; with our super yacht security, you won’t need to worry about unwanted guests trying to clamber on board. We can allow you to relax while you cruise the seas in style.

    What Super Yacht Security Do We Offer?

    At Mobius International, our team of security personnel are trained in delivering a range of super yacht security services designed to ensure that your boat never becomes the victim of an attack or an unwanted presence. Read on to find out more about each of our super yacht security services.

    Full-Time Close Protection

    If your super yacht is docked in a harbour, and people get wind of who’s on board, you may receive the attention of an unwanted guest. As part of our full-time close protection service, you can have your own security personnel guarding your boat to prevent anyone from climbing aboard. We can provide both an obvious and a subtle presence so you can enjoy your super yacht while knowing that someone is there in the background protecting you.

    Temporary On-Board Events

    If you’re thinking about throwing a party, make sure you cover all of your bases with our super yacht security. With our security personnel making sure that only guests on the guest list come aboard, you can be sure that no troublemakers will ruin your event. Let us know what you require from our super yacht security team, and we’ll endeavour to provide a service that meets your needs.

    Passage Planning

    All of our super yacht security staff have completed many years of maritime service, and select members of the team specialise in safe passage planning. If you’re looking to set sail in unfamiliar waters, we can help to plan the best route for your yacht. From leaving your current dock position right through to booking a mooring space in your chosen destination, we can make sure that the route your yacht takes is safe, and that you have taken the necessary security precautions.

    Transits And Relocation

    If you’re looking to move your yacht to a new location, make sure you have all the necessary security in place by talking to Mobius International. Our super yacht security team can help to plan the best route to your chosen destination, and arrange a professional and experienced crew to deliver it for you. If you’re looking to transport your yacht by road, we can arrange for a reputable and reliable transportation company to relocate your yacht to your chosen destination.

    General Security Risk Assessments

    With piracy becoming an increasing concern in certain stretches of water, make sure your super yacht security systems are up to scratch with a risk assessment from Mobius International. Combining our route planning service and maritime security expertise, we can make sure that every scenario under the circumstances has been thought out and a security solution has been put into place. We also have a number of personnel trained to deliver informative training courses on how you should handle a security breach on your super yacht.

    What Happens When You Enquire About Our Super Yacht Security Services?

    A knowledgeable member of the team will be on hand to discuss your requirements. Once we have an idea of what you need, we can arrange a convenient time for an in-depth discussion, where we’ll be able to deliver honest advice based on the information that you have given us and recommend the best security service for you.

    Each of our security personnel is highly professional and will endeavour to ensure that you feel safe and secure. We’ll make sure that we fit in with your schedule and arrive on time to carry out the necessary security duties.

    Why Should You Choose Mobius International For Your Super Yacht Security?

    To make it into our super yacht security team, each person has to come from either a military, a special police force, or a government agency background. To deliver our maritime security, each prospective member has to demonstrate that they can combine their skill in using tenders, jet skis, powerboats etc with providing excellent security services.

    After they have proven to us the level of their skill, we then send them on a series of rigorous training courses designed to educate and develop each person to the point where they can carry out our super yacht security services to a high standard.

    We’ve sent our super yacht security team all over the world to handle both simple and largely complex situations. With our extensive experience of delivering maritime operations all over the world, there’s no better company out there than us – Mobius International.

    What Else Can We Do To Help You?

    We can also offer the following security services and can combine a number of them to create a package to suit your needs.