Technical surveillance counter measures

While close protection and surveillance protection are some of the most common measures taken by security companies, technical surveillance counter measures can often be left unrecommended. But when you consider the notion that the very equipment designed to keep you safe could be working against you, it’s imperative that you invest in a company that covers your security from every angle to keep you safe. Find out more about our technical surveillance counter measures by reading this article.

For the most trustworthy provider of security services when it comes to close protection companies UK, Mobius International should be your number one choice. With over 25 years of experience in operations spanning 50 countries, our industry knowledge is unparalleled in the international security sector. Call us today on 0207 060 5595 for more information.

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    Why Do You Need To Consider Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures?

    When it comes to your security, never compromise; invest in a company that goes to every length to ensure your safety. Surveillance equipment is used by security companies, councils and police forces to help keep a specific area safe and free from criminal activity. And while surveillance technology has more than proven its worth in terms of catching those attempting to move against someone, it can often be manipulated to work in favour of the criminal. While we go to every length to make sure that all the equipment that we use hasn’t been tampered with, the same can’t be said for any devices that may already be in place in the area that you’re planning on making your movements. It doesn’t just have to be equipment either; criminals have ways and means of catching you out with hidden devices.

    How Can Equipment Be Manipulated?

    When a piece of equipment has been tampered with in order to catch you out, the term that is usually used is ‘bugging’. Often, these ‘bugs’ are no more than a little chip, which helps the person moving against you to record your conversations or whereabouts. It’s also possible for a criminal to ‘bug’ a room – somewhere they know you’re planning on going. So much as hiding a tape recorder in a draw can be considered an attempt at ‘bugging’.

    What Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Do We Carry Out?

    When it comes to carrying out technical surveillance counter measures, it’s important to leave no stone unturned. When you choose Mobius International, you can be sure that every step has been put in place to ensure that you can carry out your movements without the worry of being ‘watched’. Usually, most bugs planted transmit information through radio waves, so we start our counter measures by scanning the area in question with equipment that has been designed to pick up on the signals emitted. Bugs that don’t emit radio waves are the hardest to pick up. We always conduct a manual search of an area, which will include searching through drawers, cupboards and behind objects for a planted device. On top of our manual search, we’ll also use a range of equipment that will pick up on any abnormalities in the area. For example, we can use ultra-sensitive thermal imaging cameras to pick up on any heat that a bug may be radiating. Furthermore, some bugs may emit a magnetic field or transmit a frequency of sound associated with recording devices.

    Why Should You Choose Mobius International?

    At Mobius International, the team that performs technical surveillance counter measures has been specially trained to recognise and act against any traces of tampered equipment. We only employ staff that have a proven history of serving in government security agencies including MI5 and MI6, special police forces, foreign Special Forces and other intelligence agencies. Because we only employ people who already have a background in this field of work, we already know that they have the necessary mindset to carry out each task successfully. Despite their experience, any prospective staff are put through a rigorous selection process before their job is confirmed. As the leading security experts, you can trust us to provide the very best technical surveillance counter measures. On top of that, our clients will often build their own security package from all the various services that we operate.