Transition of Experience

Transition of Experience

The practical contact with and observation of facts or events

Experience is often defined as –

‘The practical contact with and observation of facts or events’.

They also say –

‘There is no substitute for experience’.

It certainly remains a fact that the very foundations of who we are as characters, our performance in our job functions are based on our life experiences. More importantly, within the sphere of specialist services, they define our performance in the delivery and standard on the ground. A person might make an effort a good luck real money pokies nz. Operational success then could well be defined by the experiences of the operators concerned whether they are directly or indirectly related and where these ‘experiences’ are gained through either training or operations.

The military slogan ‘Train Hard, Fight Easy’ is more than just rhetoric. It is the fundamental approach to the delivery of highest possible performance on the battlefield. The analogy being that if you train harder than what could be reasonably expected of you then the resultant factor will be more successful due to the higher standards performed. The aim of this training is to prepare a given subject through sophisticated social engineering, to give his or her all in the face of adversity, discomfort and the enemy. He or she will be re-conditioned so that he or she might run and fight and operate far beyond the expected limits of normal society in any environment.


What a thought in consideration to the delivery of specialist training in any service-oriented function! Within specialist services provision the exact same then applies; to train an operator to a higher level to ensure all eventualities in all scenarios are performed to the highest level of competency. Those with specialist training and experience within a Police and Military sphere whom then transition career to the commercial world highlight as a perfect example. Operating within the realms of high social and political classes for any extended period of time provides exposure to elements of operational conduct not experienced in many other occupations. Combined with the manner in which tactics, techniques and procedure are deployed on the ground within specialist services provides the ability to deliver the skill sets immediately required.

As we near to 2017 we at Mobius consider the delivery of specialist training to the commercial sector as an extension to our operational portfolio. If we do, then you and any aspiring selected student can rest assured, that like our approach to the delivery of highest standards within our operations, the same solid, professional approach will be adhered to on our training courses.

At Mobius International Ltd, we put into practise our years of past training and decades of operational experience. It enables us to accurately understand what our clients need. To enable our clients to perform successfully in countries that others would find prohibitive – to assimilate complex information, response decision and preparation, to deliver government level standards of effective measures, oversight and in-depth reporting.

It is not only ‘What We Do’ that defines our difference but also ‘Who We Are’.