US Police SWAT Certified

This 40-HOUR Special Weapons And Tactics – S.W.A.T. course is designed to instruct, challenge and motivate you.

5 days / £2250 (+vat)             NEXT COURSE: 03 – 07 April 2019

This is the standard Basic SWAT Course as approved and required for all SWAT Operators in the United States as determined by the NTOA – National Tactical Operators Association.

Over the last 29 years our primary instructor has applied all of these tactics & techniques in numerous successful SWAT Operations in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the United States.  All tactics and techniques taught to you and your teams are proven. These are tried and proven tactics and techniques that work.

This comprehensive course will provide you with thorough and fundamental training in tactics and techniques that will maximise in saving your life and the lives of your team members and allow you to take this knowledge back to your home units and pass it on.

You won’t just learn to survive the fight – you will take the fight to them.

Although it says this is the ’40 hour course’ we will be spending more than 40 hours in our training – some days MUCH more!  So expect long and demanding training days that may last into the night –We will train and train and train until you are comfortable and familiar with the tactics and techniques.

This will be conducted as 5 days of 8-10 hour blocks of training.

Time spent on breaks, lunch, dinner etc…is NOT counted as part of the training day.

Equipment Needed;

  • Field, Combat or Duty Uniform/Boots – to include gloves, rain/cold gear.
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Helmet
  • Flashlight
  • Camelback or canteens

Any unit specific equipment issued to you that you wish to bring. Bring and use your normal issued equipment such as belt, load bearing equipment, holsters, packs – we can adapt our training to some degree to the equipment you will have available.

This intensive 40 Hour course will consist of – but not be limited to – the following SWAT specific skills, tactics and techniques.

Day 1

Gear selection and use

  • Gear placement
  • Operational requirements

Tactical Building Search/Clearing/Domination Operations

  • Room entries (2-10 man movement tactics)
  • Stealth (slow and deliberate) and dynamic (fast and direct) movement techniques.
  • Hallway movements and clearing
  • Stair movements and clearing
  • Tactical Movement tactics and techniques with ballistic shields
  • Tactical Movement tactics and techniques with gas masks
  • Night Operations utilizing all of the above tactics & skills.

Day 2

Tactical Building Search/Clearing/Domination Operations – Continued

  • Vehicle use and team delivery/movement to assault site
  • Vehicle Deployment – use of armored vehicles and stealth vehicle operations
  • Approach – team movement
  • Alternate Entry Training – ladder, rope, vehicle – as can be arranged by hosting unit.
  • Extensive training this day on all learned tactics – to include Force-on-Force training to reinforce all training objective

Day 3

Breaching, Shield, Chemical Munitions & Smoke

  • Practical use of breaching tools – this will include all tools and kits available to the Team and/or Individual Operators.
  • Rams, Hooligan Tools, Sledge Hammers, Spreaders and anything the hosting unit wishes to incorporate into the training block of instruction.
  • Advanced Team Tactics and proficiency training for ALL members on breaching tools and team operations using these tools.
  • NFDD/’Flash-Bang’ (Noise Flash Diversionary Device) training and certification if desired and training materials are available.
  • Chemical Munitions (Tear Gas CS/CN/OC) and Smoke use.
  • Basic Ballistic Shield training – to include Live Fire if range facilities are available.

Vehicle Assaults

  • Equipment selection and use
  • Vehicle selection and preparation for assaults
  • Team formation and tactical movement
  • Approach and assault tactics
  • NFDD/’Flash-Bang’ (Noise Flash Diversionary Device) use.
  • Occupant domination techniques – Removing occupants – Taking control of situation
  • Vehicle takedown (‘Car Killing’) – tactics to immobilize vehicle.
  • Vehicle searches
  • Bus assaults and clearing (if busses are available)
  • Train assaults and clearing (if rail cars are available)
  • This training will take place during both day & night

Day 4

Tactical Firearms Use for SWAT Officers

  • Weapons/Ammunition Selection and Evaluation for Your Team/Unit
  • Safety
  • Weapons Familiarization
  • Fundamentals of Combat Shooting
  • Tactical Use of Cover and Concealment – continued training.
  • Weapon Failure Drills – Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun
  • Shooting Positions
  • Precision Shots – Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun
  • Shooting with Gas Masks
  • Engaging Multiple Targets.
  • Shooting On the Move.
  • Low Light shooting if range facilities permit this.
  • Review of all training – additional training if time permits.

Day 5

Combined Training Day

  • Combined Operations Exercises will be run multiple times using multiple scenarios to test the newly learned tactics and training of the Operators. This will be done in 2-10 man teams and will involve true-life operations from the USA, Europe and Middle East that your Primary Instructor has been involved in.
  • Be prepared to conduct these operations as both the SWAT Operators and as the OPFOR – Opposing Force.

Overall Course Review and Evaluation

Awarding of SWAT Certifications, Badges and Diplomas



The United States Police Basic SWAT course is an officially recognised course and certified by the US Police, if you pass the course you will receive the US Police SWAT pin/badge, a certificate, and an official letter authorising you to wear the SWAT pin on your uniform.

IT is not just a SWAT course being taught by a US SWAT Instructor, it is a SWAT course that is certified by a US Police Department with official certification.

Chief Instructor:

Lieutenant Colonel US Army Res.

26 year veteran of the American Police Forces and a 29 year veteran of the United States Army.

Deputy Chief of Police, he has also served as Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, SWAT Team Sniper, SWAT Team Commander and Patrol Division Commander.

He is a Range Master and graduate of the FBI National Academy at Quantico and the FBI Sniper Course.

Police Academy Instructor and a POST certified instructor in the United States.

As a US Army Lieutenant Colonel he is Commander of a Special Marksmanship Unit who has deployed in combat – with the US Army Special Operations Command – to Iraq, Bosnia, Kurdistan and Afghanistan.  He is mountain warfare qualified and has earned the Military Parachute Badges of 7 countries. He has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Meritorious Service Medals and the Combat Action Badge.

He holds a US Government Top Secret Security Clearance and his most recent combat tour lasted 15 months as a primary Combat Security Advisor to the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

Course Overview:

The course is held in France at a unique firearms range complex utilised by specialist units the world over.

US police SWAT training

  • Handgun and Rifle certifications (Firearms review and qualification)
  • Tactical First Aid
  • Basic Room and Building Search
  • Dynamic, Stealth and Methodical Entries
  • Breaching Techniques
  • Force on Force
  • Vehicle Assaults
  • Dealing with Barricaded gunmen
  • Use of Ballistic shields
  • NFDD/flashbang use
  • Open field movements
  • Suicide bomber tactics
  • Multiple entry points
  • Team Management
  • Live fire room entries, shoot/don’t shoot scenarios
  • Hostage rescue

Attack Dogs, drones, robots, can be incorporated in the course, but at an extra cost.