Who We Are

The training courses we deliver represent the highest level anywhere within the private sector – anywhere in the world.

Mobius provide bespoke specialist training courses for governments and the private sector. Our remit is to produce consistently outstanding close protection and covert surveillance operators/ teams; high-risk firearms and SWAT teams; advanced security driving and specialist medical training services. This specialist training is a niche service that allows our organisation to provide clients with properly skilled close protection and covert surveillance teams/ operatives.

The operational environment is not the place to learn the basics when providing close protection or conducting covert ops. ‘Live’ operations are no environment for ‘trainees.’

The effectiveness of a specialist service; the tactics, techniques and procedures adopted are intrinsically reliant upon the calibre of the individual providing that service. Prior training and experience dictates this ‘calibre.’

In this increasingly unstable world, Mobius International bridges the gap between current industry security provisions and excellence in operational standards. We are the vanguard of Protective Security, taking innovative and unprecedented measures to push the boundaries of what is accepted as ‘industry standard’ and raise the bar to an effective intensity.

How are our courses re-defining industry standards?

We implemented rules and standards based on UK government training.

  • We set the highest commercial benchmark.
  • We focus on client needs.
  • We understand operational requirements.
  • We have designed our courses so that they are fit for purpose at government level.
  • Our courses are not dictated by outside influences or statutory content by any industry authority or regulatory body.
  • We do not provide ‘off the shelf’ courses for the sole purpose of obligatory licensing.

A select group that is superior in terms of ability and quality

Our instructors are all former Government/ Police/ UKSF professionals who have both the training and operational experience to teach a variety of specialised security and surveillance courses. Our former UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS & SRR), Royalty & Specialist Protection and Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit Instructor teams remain operationally current and instruct on a comprehensive range of specialist security courses.

The Mobius training wing is available to train teams for individuals and governments throughout the world. Let us provide you with the skills, the training and the personnel to meet your security need head on and elevate your expectations.

Training Location

Mobius International courses are run at our unique and strategically located residential training center, nestled in the beautiful countryside surrounding Greater London, UK. Accommodation is in single, twin and triple rooms, with full board catering, including three-cooked meals/ packed meals when off-site (course days applicable).

Due to the level and sensitive nature of our courses the training location is not publicly disclosed. Students will receive the location details in their full Course Joining Instructions (CJI’s) once their identities and personal information have been verified and Non-Disclosure Agreement, (NDA), signed.